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Re^8: Plack Middleware aXML

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 21, 2011 at 00:58 UTC ( #932798=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^7: Plack Middleware aXML
in thread Plack Middleware aXML

It uses a smaller number of characters. Next question

That really isn't sufficient, maybe if you had strict/warnings

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Re^9: Plack Middleware aXML
by Logicus on Oct 21, 2011 at 01:39 UTC

    There is just no need for strict/warnings in an aXML system. The code powering aXML needs it sure, but aXML itself due to the way it works can't be used in a manner wherein strict/warnings have any use or relevance.

    I know it's probably hard to understand why that is, even more so for me to describe the reason without a common framework of understanding.

    In aXML you don't deal with code in the same way as your used to, it's a higher level of abstraction. There are no loops or conditionals, just declarations built up using the simple syntax. Looping and branching is handled by the code plugins which give the context to the declarative tags.

    There is no notion of scoping, or localised/global variables, there is no quote operators or logical operators, it's a completely different way of doing things.

    That's why I insist that this represents a paradigm shift , and you can't necessarily apply the same sets of ideas and rules to it, as some of them are just completely irrelevant and/or obsolete.

      being shorter doesn't mitigate typos much, so you need a strict/warnings to warn about typos

      repeating that "paradigm shift" propaganda in every single response is transparent

        >you need a strict/warnings to warn about typos

        Not really, at most you need something to make sure the tags are properly formed and correctly nested, a trivial task really, but then if your not capable of typing simple meta tags accurately you probably shouldn't be programming in the first place.

        The system I have makes no such checks firstly because it would slow things down unnecessarily, and secondly because if a tag is malformed the parser simply ignores it and you get graceful degradation rather than compiler errors.

        The upshot of that is that it's basically impossible to prevent successful compilation by typing bad aXML in, hence the strict/warnings issue is completely mute.

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