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Re: poll ideas quest 2011

by chacham (Prior)
on Nov 15, 2011 at 16:20 UTC ( #938215=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to poll ideas quest 2011

My favorite character/show's signature exclamation is:

    Pinky and the Brain
  • Narf!
  • Zort!
  • Troz!
  • Poit!
  • Egad!
  • Fjord!

  • Simpsons
  • Doh!
  • woohoo!
  • cowabunga!

  • Batman and Robin
  • Pow!
  • Zap!
  • Holy $x!

  • Superman
  • Great Scott!
  • Great Ceaser's Ghost!

  • Little Rascals
  • Otay!

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Node Type: note [id://938215]
[Your Mother]: That show, in hindsight, is terribly ominous... playing apologist and glorifier for Vietnam vets. Attempting to neuter violence as a valid tool where no one ever really gets hurt...
[Your Mother]: I wonder just how much that single show influenced the severe cognitive dissonance of my generation in the US.
[LanX]: A Team or McG ?
[Your Mother]: A-Team.
[LanX]: never liked it, but a friend of my mother was a big "fan" of Mr T xD
[LanX]: (talking about minority chicks)
[LanX]: Hollywood is built on stereotypes which sell, this includes stereotypes about English, French, russians and ... Americans
[Your Mother]: I think to some degree, maybe a large one, the stereotypes are purely products OF Hollywood and not what would sell best.
[LanX]: well those products which sold best are replicated

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