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Re: Matt's Script Archive Strikes Again!

by fmogavero (Monk)
on Jul 05, 2001 at 17:10 UTC ( #94085=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Matt's Script Archive Strikes Again!

You have fallen victim to business. Business is about making money. If it was not about making money it would not be called business. Your business division is in charge of making money. How do they make money? By supplying the cheapest product/service and charging the highest price. If they didn't do that they wouldn't be a business.

The web designers that you ran across probably gave you the same product that they gave their other customers. They delivered the cheapest product for maximum profit. Their product works. That's all that matters to them. That's what they charge for.

Unfortunately it is people like your web designers that give the rest of the programming community a bad name. Management always wants cheap programmers with cheap solutions. Most programmers know that to write an effective program you have to think of everything that can possibly go wrong. Lord knows I've sat staring at the ceiling or typing in every concievable "illegal" argument trying to find flaws with my programs. This takes time and business does not want to spend time unless it maximizes earning potential. Then it doesn't want to spend any more time than it has to.

If your business division wants a good solid product they will have to invest time and money. If they don't want to invest time and money then they'll get what they pay for.

I hope that this incident has not made you bitter against people who offer IT solutions. I think there are more of us with integrity than there are interested in serving the almighty dollar.

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