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Re^2: What is the problem with my script?

by keszler (Priest)
on Dec 17, 2011 at 22:14 UTC ( #944135=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: What is the problem with my script?
in thread What is the problem with my script?

Good catch in your update - I fed it a domain I own and got:


(moments later) Hitting the URL without any parameters - - yields

START ERROR: ?type= stats || rank || top10 || players || rscplayers || rskb +|| ge || gers || geupdate || getop || bash || qdb || youtubeinfo || ytinfo || urban || halo3 || reach || activity || track +|| trackrank || trecord || tcompare || gcalc || weather || wowitem || wow || clan || rsforums || spell || namecheck || loginnamec +heck || rsnews || alog || bing || ipdns || drops || wp || questxp || fml || mlia || tfln || translate please. ERROR: This script is partially by micksam7, or at least maintained ev +ery so often. In any case: Please don't eat the fish. NOTICE: Please don't flood this script or use for purposes against Run +eScape Rules. Your ip is sent in the user-agent and x-forwarded-for o +f our script. NOTICE: It'd be really cool if you acknowledge RScript if you use thes +e scripts <3 Really really cool <333333 END
So it's not a domain availability check; player-name would be my guess.

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