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Perl 6 "golden age" (was Re^4: Hockey Sticks)

by raiph (Chaplain)
on Jan 18, 2012 at 10:06 UTC ( #948516=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Hockey Sticks
in thread Hockey Sticks

I guess that as you wrote it in all caps, that's how I read it, even if it wasn't there.

My bad. I agree it was poor use of caps.

but it's as vibrant as it's ever been,

Hm. That's not the picture I see.

Oh! I wonder how many people are seeing that?

I'm guessing you're watching perl6.language (p6l). This list is focused on the language, and nowadays is mostly just commits to the spec docs. It does not reflect, for example, activity related to the compilers and other elements of implementation, except inasmuch as this activity uncovers problems that require spec changes, which is less and less frequently the case, even as the implementation pace accelerates.

So p6l has been getting quieter and quieter, because the spec is ever more complete and stable, and this is a very good thing. The action is elsewhere.

In contrast, #perl6 is abuzz with the right sort of activity a good 18-20 hours each day. For me the vibe is as awe inspiring as it was in audrey's Perl 6 heyday.

At its peek, it was ... I cannot describe it better than masak already did:
Are you quoting masak because you find him credible? Because he writes a good description? Because the workflow he describes rocks? Either way, if you look at the second comment posted to this Meditation, it's masak, and he said "This post manages to put into words, and better than I've ever managed, what's going on right now with Perl 6 and its implementations.".

I chose to post this Meditation, after holding off posting one for the last few years, because of my sense that the vibe is very much back, the light at the end of the tunnel grows bright, and regardless, the productivity is remarkable. Niecza catching up with Rakudo was just a suitable excuse to celebrate what looks very much like a second golden age.

With two "frighteningly prolific" coders (sorear++ and jnthn++), an extraordinary director (TimToady++), and a sizable supporting cast (I think I've seen contributions in the last couple weeks by masak++, moritz++, colomon++, Coke++, kshannon++, benabik++, tadzik++, felher++, muixirt++, tene++, mberends++, japhb++, snarkyboojum++, cognominal++, TiMBuS++, pmurias++, fglock++, Util++, flussence++, azawawi++, and hinrik++; in some cases LOTS of commits; I'm sure I'll have missed some folk -- my apologies), and the signs I see of compounding productivity, #perl6 is an exciting place to be, and I thought a PerlMonks Meditation was an appropriate way to share this news.

No one is forcing anyone to do anything they don't care to do. If you prefer to ignore Perl 6 for now, that's fine. I thought some monks might instead care to take another look, especially because it's a whole lot of fun right now, always provided you know how to be nice to people. (Note that I very seldom post, because I struggle with that bit!)

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