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Perl tk - How to integrate external scripts

by Giorgio C (Novice)
on Jan 27, 2012 at 15:28 UTC ( #950387=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Giorgio C has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hi all, i have a question hoping you can answer me: I have a tk script with 2 Buttons and a Scrolled text windows: 1. Button ("OPEN") 2. Button ("Get Statistics") When i push the "Open" button i choose a .txt file and then the content is printed out in the Scrolled windows. Up to now no problem! The difficulty is this: When i push the "Get Statistic Button" it should call an external Script (that works fine alone) but i wish it worked on the opened file. (opened before with the "Open" button. Can you help me, please ? Here is the tk code and the script i would like to integrate into. The Tk script:
#The Open button: $mw-> Button (-text =>'Open',-command=>\open_file)->place(-x=>240, -y= +>35); sub open_file {my $open = $mw->getOpenFile( -filetypes => $types_OPEN, -defaultextension => '.sff'); $te->Load( "$open");} #The Get Statistic button: $mw-> Button (-text =>'Get Statistics', -command =>\&get_statistics); sub get_statistics {-------Here i need your help----}; # The Scrolled windows: $te = $mw->Scrolled( q/TextUndo/, -scrollbars => 'se', -background.... +.......);
The External ( Script (it works fine like: "perl filename.txt")
# The script: use Statistics::Descriptive; my $stat = Statistics::Descriptive::Full->new(); my (%distrib); my @bins = qw/18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28/; my $fastaFile = shift; open (FASTA, "<$fastaFile"); $/ = ">"; my $junkFirstOne = <FASTA>; while (<FASTA>) { chomp; my ($def,@seqlines) = split /\n/, $_; my $seq = join '', @seqlines; $stat->add_data(length($seq));} %distrib = $stat->frequency_distribution(\@bins); print "Total reads:\t" . $stat->count() . "\n"; print "Total nt:\t" . $stat->sum() . "\n"; print "Mean length:\t" . $stat->mean() . "\n"; print "Median length:\t" . $stat->median() . "\n"; print "Mode length:\t" . $stat->mode() . "\n"; print "Max length:\t" . $stat->max() . "\n"; print "Min length:\t" . $stat->min() . "\n"; print "Length\t# Seqs\n"; foreach (sort {$a <=> $b} keys %distrib) { print "$_\t$distrib{$_}\n"; }
Now i would like to run this script on the $open file and see the result in a dialog box windows. Please help !!! Thank you very much as always.

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Re: Perl tk - How to integrate external scripts
by chessgui (Scribe) on Jan 27, 2012 at 15:55 UTC
    Why not just copy paste it and call it as a sub?
      Yes i try to do it, but give me "uninitialized value" errors and doesnt' work, because i'm unable to integrate variables inside. Have you idea on how to do it ?

        You are going to need the pass the file name to the get_statistics subroutine when you call it, which means you probably are going to need to save it in a globally accessible variable. You really should also be checking for definedness / existence of the file and success on open too. Also good practice to use lexical file handles and 3 argument opens. (Not critical but they can help avoid subtle bugs.)

        my $current_file;
        $mw-> Button (-text =>'Get Statistics', -command =>\&get_statistics($current_file));
        ## Fixed as pointed out by Eliya++ below.
        $mw-> Button (-text =>'Get Statistics', -command => sub{ get_statistic +s($current_file)}); sub open_file { my $open = $mw->getOpenFile( -filetypes => $types_OPEN, -defaultextension => '.sff' ); if (defined $open and -e $open){ $te->Load( "$open"); $current_file = $open; } sub get_statistics { # blah blah my $fastaFile = shift; unless (defined $fastaFile){ warn "No file name supplied.\n"; return; } open my $FASTA, '<', $fastaFile or warn "Couldn't open file: $!\n"; # blah blah while (<$FASTA>) { # blah blah
        Just leave it alone, run it separately as a system command and redirect its output to a file:
        system('perl.exe >outputfile. +name');
        (Since this is a system command you have to find out the proper format of that on your system. This code is tested on Win32.)

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