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Re^3: Perl, the right tool for the job?

by ww (Archbishop)
on Jan 27, 2012 at 17:44 UTC ( #950425=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Perl, the right tool for the job?
in thread Perl, the right tool for the job?

"I stated that perl couldn't be used for the tablet part"

Before you flame, I suggest you check your premise.

A google search for terms("android" "Perl") produces dozens of hits... including these for the first five:


Given the number of reputable fora there, I'm led to suspect that one or more would prove useful in terms of running Perl on an Android tablet (but no, I didn't do any more of your research for you). In any case, even if none of those hits and the hundreds which follow 'pan out' for you, it was a valid suggestion, in the face of an inchoate question.

To your "Did you even try a websearch for "bluetooth" or "network"" the answer is "no" ...because I suggested '"bluetooth" AND "network"' (emphasis supplied) ... and if that forces you to review the hits "several pages in" -- why, I say 'aw, gee, I'm sorry, poor, abused little OP.'

But, were it not for the tenor of the reply overall, <sarcasm> I might be tempted to ++ it, for including a critical element: the range of tablets </sarcasm> (but, on the other hand, probably not).

<ill-tempered Note:> List Items deliberately not linkified, with malice aforethought. </ill-tempered note>

Now excuse me, please, while I rinse the acid off my tongue... and out of my eyes.

updated with sarcasm tags and to correct missing close_paren

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Re^4: Perl, the right tool for the job?
by mikeraz (Friar) on Jan 30, 2012 at 22:51 UTC

    Ooooh, aaaah and on the first screen of one of those two (do your own looking) is this link:
    What? Google has a link? Whodathunk? Shucks, the page even has a QR code block to lead you on the way.

    Now to avoid hours of yak washing and phone mangling.

    Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

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