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Re^2: Inline::Java Question

by wpflum (Initiate)
on Feb 03, 2012 at 17:30 UTC ( #951686=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Inline::Java Question
in thread Inline::Java Question

Your code itself didn't help but it showed me that I needed to look into the INLINE parts first so I dug into the INLINE help and pretty much got the interface working. I am having another problem though, I need to use a java IMAGE object in the code I'm writing. What I need to do is read in an image file and pass it to the java driver. To do this when I couldn't figure out the actual format of the IMAGE object I wrote a small java class than imported the java IMAGE handling routines and let me get the IMAGE object in return for giving it the filename. I made sure this worked by dropping it into the original java test program given to me by the hardware company and the concept works just like it should. Now I used INLINE Java to use the class I made to read in the image file into a variable but when I try to send the variable to the java class that handles the hardware interface I'm getting the following error.


I'm guessing that something doesn't like the format being returned from the class to read the file but I'm not sure what I can do to force this to work. Any Ideas?

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Re^3: Inline::Java Question
by wpflum (Initiate) on Feb 03, 2012 at 20:19 UTC
    I was able to drop the external class I made to interface to the awt class in java but I still get an error when it tries to send the image object to the java class to load it. I can actually print the object $image and I get InLine::Java::Object=HASH(0x94da3a8) Here is the code:
    #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Inline (Java => 'STUDY', CLASSPATH => '/usr/share/java/RXTXcomm.jar:/home/billp/Deskt +op/perl/SigPlus2_57.jar:/home/billp/Desktop/perl/rt.jar', STUDY => ['com.topaz.sigplus.SigPlus','java.awt.Image'], AUTOSTUDY =>1); use Inline Java => <<EOJ; import java.awt.*; public class ADMLibrary{ public Image GetJavaImageObject(String Filename) { return Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(Filename); } } EOJ my $filename = "/home/billp/Desktop/perl/Screen2.jpg"; my $adm = new ADMLibrary(); my $image = $adm->GetJavaImageObject($filename); my $sigobj = new com::topaz::sigplus::SigPlus(); $sigobj->lcdWriteImage(0, 2, 3, 46, 233, 24, $image); 1;
    Any Suggestions??

      My general advice when using Inline is to keep data passed between Perl and the other language as simple as possible. Passing a Perl object to a Java object as a method parameter is doable, but seems advisable. I tried to make sure I was only passing strings through to Java.

      Clearly some Java classes expect more complex data structures to be passed to them - but you write wrappers for those, and do (for example) JSON encoding/decoding at each end.

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