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Re^3: Starman problem

by Logicus
on Feb 12, 2012 at 21:24 UTC ( #953350=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Starman problem
in thread Starman problem

Nah mate, there's a couple of brain-dead anonymous cowards around here who are insanely jealous of what I'm doing and have been consistently trolling me since forever. I used to let them get to me and argue back, which merely empowered them further by making me look like a troll in the eyes of the wider crowd. Now I just laugh at them and their pathetic childish behaviour.

In answer to your question, the system I am running with Starman is way too big and complex to copy paste into here, and since it seems to work perfectly 99.999% of the time, I'm stuck wondering if the problem really is my code or if I have just stumbled upon a bug that hasn't been documented yet in starman itself.

As always I lean towards suspecting myself to be at fault prior to suspecting fault in others, a fact which can be easily exploited by anony-cowards like the ones you see here trolling me again.

Anyhoo, what I need basically is some insight into what might be the causes so I have a road of investigation. I've spent quite a number of hours looking at the source code of starman itself and it appears to be flawless to me, which supports the notion that the bug is higher up in the code, but what could potentially cause this? That is the mystery I am faced with.

Some sort of overflow?

A PSGI app not exiting properly? or falling into an infinite loop?

Something else?

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Re^4: Starman problem
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 12, 2012 at 21:26 UTC
    A simple PEBKAC issue.

      Yes I concur, however I still need to isolate which particular keyboard and chair the problem exists in between.

      I start with the assumption that it's my keyboard and my chair, but so far I have yet to find the flaw. That's not to say there is no flaw, merely that I can't see it, which could itself be part of the flaw.

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