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Re: Troubles creating a .exe

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 26, 2012 at 07:57 UTC ( #956225=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Troubles creating a .exe
    error: Can't locate
    refby: perlapp --add Net::

Please show how you invoke perlapp, and then do not add -add Net:: , there is no module named Net::

You should however add

--add Algorithm::Diff::XS  
--add Date::Calc::XS  
--add I18N::Langinfo  
--add JSON::PP58  

You can generate a list of modules to add by seeing which modules are actually loaded, like so

#!/usr/bin/perl -- CHECK { print "\n\nsystem qw[ perlapp\n"; for my $k ( sort keys %INC ){ if( $k =~ s/\.pm$// ){ $k =~ s{/}{::}g; print " --add $k\n"; } } print "\n];\n\n "; exit 0; } use Net::Netrc ; use Encode::Locale; __END__ system qw[ perlapp --add Carp --add Config --add DynaLoader --add Encode --add Encode::Alias --add Encode::Byte --add Encode::Config --add Encode::Encoding --add Encode::Locale --add Exporter --add Exporter::Heavy --add Fcntl --add File::Basename --add File::Spec --add File::Spec::Unix --add File::Spec::Win32 --add FileHandle --add IO --add IO::File --add IO::Handle --add IO::Seekable --add Net::Netrc --add SelectSaver --add Symbol --add Win32::API --add Win32::API::Struct --add Win32::API::Type --add Win32::Console --add XSLoader --add base --add bytes --add constant --add strict --add vars --add warnings --add warnings::register ];

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