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Re: string splitting with spaces and HTML

by Abigail (Deacon)
on Jul 11, 2001 at 16:28 UTC ( #95651=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: string splitting with spaces and HTML
in thread string splitting with spaces and HTML

You are wrong that in HTML the mentioned >s need to be escaped. They don't. Nor do all <s be escaped. A < followed by a space is just fine. Just like <#. Don't forget that HTML is an SGML application. Real men deal with SGML. XML is for people who can't parse their way out of a wet paper bag. And in XML, such <s and >s need to be escaped.

-- Abigail

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Node Type: note [id://95651]
[LanX]: '&;@' is a parsing error
[GotToBTru]: by itself, yes, but used in sub pre(&;@) not so
[LanX]: &; is interpreted as a function call, but the @ has no meaning
[LanX]: OH
[LanX]: you are talking about signatures?
[GotToBTru]: yes, it turns out I am
[LanX]: http://perldoc. html#Prototypes
[GotToBTru]: that page, strangely enough, never mentions that construct
[LanX]: ; is for optional prototypes
[LanX]: & is codeblock @ array

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