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by jimmyali
on Apr 28, 2012 at 14:27 UTC ( #967812=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


Thank you very much for your kind suggestion but actually i want to publish my work and it will a contract based deal to get a professional programmer into our research group.

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by AnomalousMonk (Chancellor) on Apr 28, 2012 at 17:20 UTC

    If you're looking to hire someone, you might want to check out the Perl Jobs site (linked in the 'Leftovers' area). I've no experience with it myself, but it's a long-standing link here at PerlMonks and might be productive for you.

    On another note, the 'requirement' you included with the OP was quite vague. Perhaps it only seemed so to me due to my unfamiliarity with bioinformatics. However, it struck me that were you to post a clear statement of an interesting problem, you might actually beguile someone enough that they sit down and write a concise and effective (and free) app for you. I've seen this happen before, and it is the weekend, and it must be raining somewhere, so...

      That was for your previously send camel structure,wasn't it bullcrap??After sending a camel still you think you did the right thing ,then i can't help.I have not taken any responsibility to sciety.hope this time i won't get any irrelevent msg.

      Original content restored above by GrandFather

      Thank you very much.The above problem is solved now.I admit the fact the stupid technology got me.I don't know who send me that camel structure but i am very much disheartend by your replies.I am deleting my account from this site.But this should not happen.If i am requesting someone to send the script then those people who, don't have any interest in my problem and thinks that the deal is risky,should not forward me a reply.Because this is a serious discussion.Those who are not willing to behave that professionally should send reply

        (Responding to the edited content).

        I am deleting my account from this site. But this should not happen.
        Actually, it should. You see, this site is for Perl programmers to help each other with Perl programming problems. It is not a code writing service. So if you are looking for a code writing service, you need to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are keen to learn Perl, stick around.

        Those who are not willing to behave that professionally should send reply
        Do you feel that you have behaved "professionally" in this thread?

        BTW, to add new content to a node, please leave the original content intact, and precede new content with the word "Update:" in bold. Otherwise, replies to your original content will make little sense.

        Update: Note that jimmyali has completely changed the original content of his node. Thanks GrandFather for restoring original content (which makes struck out text below obsolete).

        In essence, his original content complained that AnomalousMonk posted the first "camel structure" reply (i.e. Re: DNA LIGATION PERL SCRIPT) when it was in fact posted by Anonymous Monk. Because he wrongly assumed that AnomalousMonk was responsible for the first reply, he responded angrily to AnomalousMonk later in the thread for no good reason, using the word "bullcrap" several times (BTW, I think "camel dung" would have been more appropriate).

        If you examine the original thread carefully, you will see that the original "camel structure" was posted by Anonymous Monk (i.e. posted anonymously, we don't know who posted it), while the helpful suggestion re Perl jobs was posted by AnomalousMonk, an individual (and well-respected) Perl Monks member. In any case, if you were offended by the "camel structure", you should have responded to that post, not the later one.

        jimmyali: It seems there has been some confusion as to attribution. When I chose AnomalousMonk as my monkname, it seemed a cute idea; I have since had second thoughts for various reasons, one of which should be obvious in light of recent exchanges.

        As others have written, I hope that if you have an interest in gaining or enhancing a knowledge of Perl, you will stick around and feel free to benefit from and perhaps, ultimately, contribute to the conversation. (Also as others have noted, I hope, if you decide to stay, you will spend some time acquainting yourself with the practices and 'culture' of the monastery.)

        And with respect to the original Camel of Contention (with which, to be clear, I have no connection): I would be terrified to do so myself without access to a very safe, secure testing environment, but I would not be greatly surprised if one were to run this program and find that some droll monk had decided to write a complete solution to the original problem and then publish it as a Program in the Shape of a Camel.

      If you can't send me what i desired for,stop sending these bullcraps.It will save my time atleast.I am not here to face the world with my ideology.If you can send me the script please do that and i'll do whatever i can for you.Hope it will help......

        "It will save my time atleast." (sic) let's see: Monks have offered explanations of how this site works; provided worthwhile references (for anyone who's taken the trouble to see what this site is about -- helping you learn, in case that's a clue); and directed you to a place where you may well find someone to write your code for a reasonable price... and that's "bullcraps" from which you wish to "save (your) time?"

        And of course that also implies that the Monks' time and effort utilized to present this information was somehow worth less than your time to read the suggestions.

        Somehow, I don't think so. Please feel free to return when you've learned some manners.

        jimmyali:   Wow.   Well, please rest assured that in future you will have no response from me, bullcrap or otherwise, to any posting you may make, and that your time will be preserved pristine.

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