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Re: Reading complex result-sets in Catalyst/Template

by thundergnat (Deacon)
on May 18, 2012 at 16:37 UTC ( #971337=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Reading complex result-sets in Catalyst/Template

Update: Clarified some ambiguities.

I can't see any reason why that (template) code wouldn't work. It works for me locally (with some mocked up data in a structure as you described.) The headers are in the wrong position but you just need to shift them around a bit. See if this works for you locally. If this works for you, I suspect the data structure you are getting from your database query is not what you think it is in your program.

Generates a file named test.html. Open it with a browser.

use strict; use warnings; use Template; my $tt = Template->new(); my $data = [ { city => 'thiscity', country => 'thiscountry', lat => 'thislat', long => 'thislong', name_urls => [ [ '', 'info1', 'info2', '', '', ['url1','url2','ur +l3']], [ '', 'info3', 'info4', '', '', ['url5','url6','ur +l7']] ] }, { city => 'thatcity', country => 'thatcountry', lat => 'thatlat', long => 'thatlong', name_urls => [ [ '', 'info1', 'info2', '', '', ['url1','url2','ur +l3']], [ '', 'info3', 'info4', '', '', ['url5','url6','ur +l7']] ] }, ]; $tt->process(\*DATA, {types => $data}, 'test.html') or die $tt->error( +), "\n"; __DATA__ [% USE Dumper -%] <table border='1'> <tr><th>City/Locale</th><th>Country code</th><th>latitude</th><th>long +ditude</th><th>Identity details</th></tr> [% FOREACH type IN types -%] <tr> <td><table style="border: solid red 1px">[% FOREACH nu IN type.nam +e_urls %] <tr> <td> [% nu.1 %] </td> <td> [% nu.2 %] </td> <td><ul> [% FOREACH id IN nu.5 %] <li style="border: solid navy 1px">[% id %]</li> [% END -%] </ul></td> </tr> [% END -%] </table></td> <td>[% %]</td> <td>[% %]</td> <td>[% %]</td> <td>[% type.long %]</td> </tr> [% END -%]

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