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Re^3: Optional Arguments..?

by poj (Monsignor)
on Jun 03, 2012 at 13:12 UTC ( #974144=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Optional Arguments..?
in thread Optional Arguments..?

OK, looks like arguments are text strings, not a filehandle or a hash ref. Can you show some lines of data from the passmgr.dat file.

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Re^4: Optional Arguments..?
by Watergun (Novice) on Jun 03, 2012 at 13:24 UTC

    I don't really know how to copy and paste output from my terminal, but basically it goes like this (not real output)


    However I have no error with encoding. I just can't.. figure out how to code it when it involved decoding data (an additional step from basic printing of my hash array)
      You can't store all the data you need like this ;
      # declare a hash of array to prepare storage of all # variables to be encoded together my $HoA{$sitename} = ["$loginid", "$password", "$url"]; open(FILEHANDLE, ">>passmgr.dat") or die("The file cannot be opened!"); my $encode = ST2614::encode($HoA, $ARGV[1]); print FILEHANDLE "$encode"; close FILEHANDLE;
      Consider using a tab delimiter record format like this ;
      sitename1 loginid1 encoded_password1 url1 sitename2 loginid2 encoded_password2 url2 sitename3 loginid3 encoded_password3 url3
      Then you can build a HoA from the file like this
      my $key = $ARGV[1] || 'secretkey'; my %HoA=(); open IN, '<','passmgr.dat' or die ("The file cannot be opened!"); while (<IN>){ chomp; my ($sitename,$id,$enc_password,$url) = split "\t",$_; my $password = ST2614::decode($enc_password, $key); $HoA{$sitename} = [$id,$password,$url]; # print "$sitename $id $password $url\n"; }
      and save it to the file like this
      open OUT, '>','passmgr.dat' or die ("The file cannot be opened!"); for my $sitename (sort keys %HoA){ my $id = $HoA{$sitename}[0]; my $enc_password = ST2614::encode($HoA{$sitename}[1], $key); my $url = $HoA{$sitename}[2]; print OUT join "\t",$sitename,$id,$enc_password,$url,"\n"; }

        Thanks for the reply!

        But could you kindly explain what the code you provided does, and how does it work? As I'm very new to Perl, I don't understand some of the code yet.

        If I am not wrong, you are only encoding the password, but my aim is to encode everything that the user entered.

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