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Re^3: ||= (poorly documented?) (on truthiness)

by Anonymous Monk
on Jul 09, 2012 at 22:10 UTC ( #980771=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: ||= (poorly documented?)
in thread ||= (poorly documented?)

To be fair, some things are a pain in the ass to google properly (especially if you aren't familiar with the topic in the first place). Also, documentation always makes more sense when you already know the topic. :P

That is not what I'm talking about since the OP was able to find perlop, but the problem was, it merely listed ||= it didn't explain much about it.

You had to read large chunks of perlop to figure out ||= is two operators in one, assignment and logical-or, and even then it didn't explain truthiness

On truthiness

How ||= works , its FAQ even though it doesn't search that way :)

Found 9 nodes roughly between 2012-07-09 and 1999-10-04 (searched 100.00% of DB).

where title contains "||="

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2009-04-07 Anonymous Monk What is the difference between |= and ||=? SoPW
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2008-09-19 Anonymous Monk What the heck does "tests->{$stype} ||= {};" do? SoPW
2008-05-28 throop ||= oddity SoPW
2007-11-27 Anonymous Monk Or, Or, Equals Zero, $x ||= 0 SoPW
2007-03-02 saintmike Why are "a ||= b" and "a = a || b" different? SoPW
2006-01-12 demerphq Are "$hash{$_} ||= 1 + keys %hash" and variants well defined or not? Med

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