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XML::Twig traversing tree and storing in an array

by jccunning (Acolyte)
on Aug 03, 2012 at 19:05 UTC ( #985318=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
jccunning has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I seem to be spinning my wheels and coding myself into a corner. I am learning XML::Twig and trying to traverse an xml file and gather all children of root element into array along with all siblings and attributes; separated for each child of root. For example, in the following xml file I would like to place each class in a separate array along with all_members, private_members, public_methods, etc. and all their associated siblings and attributes. I can do it easily with XML::Parser using the Start method which passes my( $expat, $element, %attrs ) = @_; to my subroutine. Would like to do this with XML::Twig but have not mastered its syntactical usage, yet. If someone has already done this, please advise and provide sample.
<myroot> <classes name="Panoply::AccessLogic"> <all_members name="accessLogic" protection="public" scope="Panoply +::AccessLogic" virtualness="non_virtual" /> <all_members name="DBUS" protection="public" scope="Panoply::Acces +sLogic" virtualness="non_virtual" /> <all_members name="DDR_VIA_JTAG" protection="public" scope="Panopl +y::AccessLogic" virtualness="non_virtual" /> <all_members name="DEFAULT" protection="public" scope="Panoply::Ac +cessLogic" virtualness="non_virtual" /> <brief></brief> <detailed> <doc type="text">Models the access logic</doc> </detailed> <includes name="AccessLogic.hpp" local="no" /> <private_members> <members name="m_accessLogic" kind="variable" protection="privat +e" static="no" type="AccessLogicTypes" virtualness="non_virtual"> </members> <members name="m_handledErrors" kind="variable" protection="priv +ate" static="no" type="HandledErrors" virtualness="non_virtual"> </members> </private_members> <public_methods> <members name="accessLogic" const="yes" kind="function" protecti +on="public" static="no" type="AccessLogicTypes" virtualness="non_virt +ual" volatile="no"> <brief></brief> <detailed> <doc type="text">Gets the current access logic for...</doc> </detailed> </members> <members name="AccessLogic" const="no" kind="function" protectio +n="public" static="no" virtualness="non_virtual" volatile="no"> <parameters declaration_name="accessLogic" default_value="DEFA +ULT" type="AccessLogicTypes" /> <parameters declaration_name="handledErrors" default_value="Ha +ndledErrors::ALL" type="const HandledErrors &amp;" /> </members> </public_methods> <public_typedefs> <members name="AccessLogicTypes" kind="enum" protection="public" + static="no" virtualness="non_virtual"> <values name="DEFAULT"> </values> <values name="IO_CF8_CFC"> </values> </members> </public_typedefs> </classes> <classes name="Panoply::Details::ActionBatch"> <brief></brief> <detailed></detailed> <includes name="PlatformActionBatch.hpp" local="no" /> </classes> <files name="panoplydoc.hpp"> <detailed></detailed> </files> <files name="PanoplyVersion.hpp"> <brief></brief> <includes name="string" /> <variables> <members name="LIBRARY_VERSION" initializer="&quot;0.1.9&quot;" +kind="variable" static="no" type="const std::string"> </members> <members name="BUILD_DATE" initializer="&quot;00/00/0000&quot;" +kind="variable" static="no" type="const std::string"> </members> </variables> </files> </myroot>

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Re: XML::Twig traversing tree and storing in an array
by Anonymous Monk on Aug 03, 2012 at 19:34 UTC
      From another approach, is it possible to output sections of a tree structure to an array or something that I could use to compare against same section in older xml file. Following is code I am using to output class, file, and namespace information. Example, I am trying to output each class and all its related information into one array (or something) and second class into another array, etc. Is there an equivalent to $class->print such as $class->array.
      #!/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use XML::Twig; my $twig_handlers = { 'panoply/classes' => \&class_info, 'panoply/files' => \&file_info, 'panoply/namespaces' => \&namespace_info, }; my $twig1; my @xfiles = @ARGV; foreach my $xfile (@xfiles) { $twig1 = new XML::Twig(ignore_elts => { brief => 'discard', detailed + => 'discard', includes => 'discard', included_by => 'discard', reimp +lemented_by => 'discard' }, TwigRoots => {panoply => 1}, TwigHandlers + => $twig_handlers); eval { $twig1->parsefile( $xfile ) }; die "can't parse file: $@" if $@; } sub class_info { my ($twig, $class) = @_; $class->set_pretty_print( 'indented' ); $class->print; } sub file_info { my ($twig, $file) = @_; $file->set_pretty_print( 'indented' ); $file->print; } sub namespace_info { my ($twig, $nsp) = @_; $nsp->set_pretty_print( 'indented' ); $nsp->print; }
      Sample xml file
      <panoply> <classes name="Panoply::AccessLogic"> <all_members name="accessLogic" protection="public"/> <all_members name="DDR_VIA_JTAG" protection="public"/> <brief></brief> <detailed> <doc type="text">Models the access logic</doc> </detailed> <includes name="AccessLogic.hpp" local="no" /> <public_methods> <members name="handledErrors" const="yes" kind="function" protec +tion="public" static="no"> </members> <members name="AccessLogic" const="no" kind="function" protectio +n="public" static="no"> <parameters declaration_name="accessLogic" type="AccessLogicTy +pes" /> <parameters declaration_name="handledErrors" type="const Handl +edErrors &amp;" /> </members> </public_methods> <public_typedefs> <members name="AccessLogicTypes" kind="enum" protection="public" +> <values name="IO_CF8_CFC"> </values> </members> <members name="MJTAG" kind="enumvalue"> </members> </public_typedefs> </classes> <classes name="Panoply::Details::ActionBatch"> <detailed></detailed> <includes name="PlatformActionBatch.hpp" local="no" /> </classes> <classes name="Panoply::Details::ActionResult"> <derived name="Panoply::Details::CPUIDActionResult"/> <includes name="PlatformAction.hpp" local="no" /> </classes> <classes name="Panoply::Details::AddressIndex"> <includes name="Panoply.hpp" local="no" /> </classes> <files name="panoplydoc.hpp"> </files> <files name="PanoplyExports.hpp"> <defines> <members name="NOMINMAX" kind="define" protection="public"> </members> <members name="_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS" kind="define"> </members> </defines> </files> <namespaces name="AMD"> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef" /> </namespaces> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef"> <classes name="AMD::RegisterDef::BaseDevice" /> <enums> <members name="PermissionLevel" kind="enum" protection="public"> <values name="PERMISSION_PUBLIC" initializer=" 10"> </values> <values name="PERMISSION_NDA" initializer=" 20"> </values> </members> <members name="RegisterType" kind="enum" protection="public"> <values name="REGISTER_PCI" initializer=" 0"> </values> <values name="REGISTER_MSR" initializer=" 1"> </values> </members> </enums> <functions> <members name="Compare" const="no" kind="function" protection="p +ublic"> <parameters declaration_name="first" type="T" /> <parameters declaration_name="second" type="T" /> </members> </functions> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo" /> <variables> <members name="LIBRARY_VERSION"> </members> </variables> </namespaces> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo"> <classes name="AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo::BaseEntity" /> </namespaces> </panoply>
        Sure, sprint, aka outer_xml
        use strict; use warnings; use XML::Twig; my $twig = XML::Twig->new( pretty_print => 'indented', TwigHandlers => { ro => \&ssprint, sham => \&ssprint, bo => \&ssprint, } ); $twig->xparse('<hi> <ro><yo/></ro> <sham><yo/></sham> <bo><yo/></bo> </hi>' ); sub ssprint { print 'moo', $_->sprint, "\n"; } __END__ moo <ro> <yo/> </ro> moo <sham> <yo/> </sham> moo <bo> <yo/> </bo>

        So whatever it is you're trying to get done, might be written as

        #!/usr/bin/perl -- use strict; use warnings; use XML::Twig; use Data::Dump qw' dd '; Main( @ARGV ); exit( 0 ); sub Main { my %files; my $filename; my $ssprint = sub { # my( $twig, $elt ) = @_; # my( $twig, $_ ) = @_; # $_ is $elt push @{ $files{ $filename }{ $_->path } }, $_->sprint; return; }; my $twig = XML::Twig->new( pretty_print => 'indented', TwigHandlers => { 'panoply/classes' => $ssprint, 'panoply/files' => $ssprint, 'panoply/namespaces' => $ssprint, }, ); for my $file( @_ ){ dd $filename = $file; ## eval { $twig->parsefile( $file ); 1; } or warn "ERROR parsefile($file): $@ "; $twig->purge; } dd \%files; } __END__ "panolpy.985318.xml" "panolpy.985465.xml" { "panolpy.985318.xml" => { "/panoply/classes" => [ "\n <classes name +=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\">\n <all_members name=\"accessLogic\" pro +tection=\"public\" scope=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\" virtualness=\"non_v +irtual\"/>\n <all_members name=\"DBUS\" protection=\"public\" scop +e=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\"/>\n <all_me +mbers name=\"DDR_VIA_JTAG\" protection=\"public\" scope=\"Panoply::Ac +cessLogic\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\"/>\n <all_members name=\"DE +FAULT\" protection=\"public\" scope=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\" virtualn +ess=\"non_virtual\"/>\n <brief></brief>\n <detailed>\n <do +c type=\"text\">Models the access logic</doc>\n </detailed>\n < +includes local=\"no\" name=\"AccessLogic.hpp\"/>\n <private_member +s>\n <members kind=\"variable\" name=\"m_accessLogic\" protectio +n=\"private\" static=\"no\" type=\"AccessLogicTypes\" virtualness=\"n +on_virtual\"></members>\n <members kind=\"variable\" name=\"m_ha +ndledErrors\" protection=\"private\" static=\"no\" type=\"HandledErro +rs\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\"></members>\n </private_members>\n + <public_methods>\n <members const=\"yes\" kind=\"function\" +name=\"accessLogic\" protection=\"public\" static=\"no\" type=\"Acces +sLogicTypes\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\" volatile=\"no\">\n < +brief></brief>\n <detailed>\n <doc type=\"text\">Gets + the current access logic for...</doc>\n </detailed>\n </ +members>\n <members const=\"no\" kind=\"function\" name=\"Access +Logic\" protection=\"public\" static=\"no\" virtualness=\"non_virtual +\" volatile=\"no\">\n <parameters declaration_name=\"accessLog +ic\" default_value=\"DEFAULT\" type=\"AccessLogicTypes\"/>\n < +parameters declaration_name=\"handledErrors\" default_value=\"Handled +Errors::ALL\" type=\"const HandledErrors &amp;\"/>\n </members>\ +n </public_methods>\n <public_typedefs>\n <members kind=\" +enum\" name=\"AccessLogicTypes\" protection=\"public\" static=\"no\" +virtualness=\"non_virtual\">\n <values name=\"DEFAULT\"></valu +es>\n <values name=\"IO_CF8_CFC\"></values>\n </members>\ +n </public_typedefs>\n </classes>", "\n <classes name +=\"Panoply::Details::ActionBatch\">\n <brief></brief>\n <detail +ed></detailed>\n <includes local=\"no\" name=\"PlatformActionBatch +.hpp\"/>\n </classes>", ], "/panoply/files" => [ "\n <files name=\ +"panoplydoc.hpp\">\n <detailed></detailed>\n </files>", "\n <files name=\ +"PanoplyVersion.hpp\">\n <brief></brief>\n <includes name=\"str +ing\"/>\n <variables>\n <members initializer=\"&quot;0.1.9&qu +ot;\" kind=\"variable\" name=\"LIBRARY_VERSION\" static=\"no\" type=\ +"const std::string\"></members>\n <members initializer=\"&quot;0 +0/00/0000&quot;\" kind=\"variable\" name=\"BUILD_DATE\" static=\"no\" + type=\"const std::string\"></members>\n </variables>\n </files>" +, ], }, "panolpy.985465.xml" => { "/panoply/classes" => [ "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\">\n <all_members name=\"accessLogic\" +protection=\"public\"/>\n <all_members name=\"DDR_VIA_JTAG\" prote +ction=\"public\"/>\n <brief></brief>\n <detailed>\n <doc t +ype=\"text\">Models the access logic</doc>\n </detailed>\n <inc +ludes local=\"no\" name=\"AccessLogic.hpp\"/>\n <public_methods>\n + <members const=\"yes\" kind=\"function\" name=\"handledErrors\" + protection=\"public\" static=\"no\"></members>\n <members const +=\"no\" kind=\"function\" name=\"AccessLogic\" protection=\"public\" +static=\"no\">\n <parameters declaration_name=\"accessLogic\" +type=\"AccessLogicTypes\"/>\n <parameters declaration_name=\"h +andledErrors\" type=\"const HandledErrors &amp;\"/>\n </members> +\n </public_methods>\n <public_typedefs>\n <members kind=\ +"enum\" name=\"AccessLogicTypes\" protection=\"public\">\n <va +lues name=\"IO_CF8_CFC\"></values>\n </members>\n <members +kind=\"enumvalue\" name=\"MJTAG\"></members>\n </public_typedefs>\ +n </classes>", "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::Details::ActionBatch\">\n <detailed></detailed>\n + <includes local=\"no\" name=\"PlatformActionBatch.hpp\"/>\n </clas +ses>", "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::Details::ActionResult\">\n <derived name=\"Panoply: +:Details::CPUIDActionResult\"/>\n <includes local=\"no\" name=\"Pl +atformAction.hpp\"/>\n </classes>", "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::Details::AddressIndex\">\n <includes local=\"no\" n +ame=\"Panoply.hpp\"/>\n </classes>", ], "/panoply/files" => [ "\n <files nam +e=\"panoplydoc.hpp\"></files>", "\n <files nam +e=\"PanoplyExports.hpp\">\n <defines>\n <members kind=\"defin +e\" name=\"NOMINMAX\" protection=\"public\"></members>\n <member +s kind=\"define\" name=\"_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS\"></members>\n </ +defines>\n </files>", ], "/panoply/namespaces" => [ "\n <namespace +s name=\"AMD\">\n <namespaces name=\"AMD::RegisterDef\"/>\n </nam +espaces>", "\n <namespace +s name=\"AMD::RegisterDef\">\n <classes name=\"AMD::RegisterDef::B +aseDevice\"/>\n <enums>\n <members kind=\"enum\" name=\"Permi +ssionLevel\" protection=\"public\">\n <values initializer=\" 1 +0\" name=\"PERMISSION_PUBLIC\"></values>\n <values initializer +=\" 20\" name=\"PERMISSION_NDA\"></values>\n </members>\n < +members kind=\"enum\" name=\"RegisterType\" protection=\"public\">\n + <values initializer=\" 0\" name=\"REGISTER_PCI\"></values>\n + <values initializer=\" 1\" name=\"REGISTER_MSR\"></values>\n + </members>\n </enums>\n <functions>\n <members const=\" +no\" kind=\"function\" name=\"Compare\" protection=\"public\">\n + <parameters declaration_name=\"first\" type=\"T\"/>\n <para +meters declaration_name=\"second\" type=\"T\"/>\n </members>\n + </functions>\n <namespaces name=\"AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo\"/>\ +n <variables>\n <members name=\"LIBRARY_VERSION\"></members>\ +n </variables>\n </namespaces>", "\n <namespace +s name=\"AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo\">\n <classes name=\"AMD::Regis +terDef::Buffalo::BaseEntity\"/>\n </namespaces>", ], }, }

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[davido]: hm, that seems to also survive $< manipulations @corion so good call.
[Corion]: tye: I also more randomly stumbled over it, as "who am i" unix implementation didn't really provide much help. But Wikipedia linked me to the List of Unix Programs (or something like it), and from there ...
[talexb]: Wasn't Brexit the name of the first Santana album?
[tye]: That's funny, saying getlogin() is less secure. For some uses, it is far superior to getpwuid(), precisely for reasons of security.
[LanX]: search strategy => Perl Functions by Category
[Corion]: ... I found discussion of the who utility and that it uses the POSIX 2008 getlogin function (but that function was available much earlier and thus even exists in Perl, as a search for getlogin on CPAN brought up Perl 5.26 as first hit
[tye]: oh, LanX, but I was thinking that it was not a function that Perl provided.
[Corion]: Yeah, I also went a more roundabout way, just to find that the solution had been with Perl all along! ;)
[tye]: perhaps the "less secure" comment was motivated by old versions of getlogin() and trolled through the 'last' log trying to match your TTY. On modern Unix, I believe getlogin() just returns a fundamental bit of identity from your process.
[tye]: (Because every thing you do has that tag available for auditd.)

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