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Re: XML::Twig traversing tree and storing in an array

by Anonymous Monk
on Aug 03, 2012 at 19:34 UTC ( #985334=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to XML::Twig traversing tree and storing in an array

I seem to be spinning my wheels and coding myself into a corner

And yet you post no code , weird :)

See XML::Twig basic handlers, Re: XML::Simple usage question (steriods), How do I post a question effectively?

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Re^2: XML::Twig traversing tree and storing in an array
by jccunning (Acolyte) on Aug 04, 2012 at 23:55 UTC
    From another approach, is it possible to output sections of a tree structure to an array or something that I could use to compare against same section in older xml file. Following is code I am using to output class, file, and namespace information. Example, I am trying to output each class and all its related information into one array (or something) and second class into another array, etc. Is there an equivalent to $class->print such as $class->array.
    #!/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use XML::Twig; my $twig_handlers = { 'panoply/classes' => \&class_info, 'panoply/files' => \&file_info, 'panoply/namespaces' => \&namespace_info, }; my $twig1; my @xfiles = @ARGV; foreach my $xfile (@xfiles) { $twig1 = new XML::Twig(ignore_elts => { brief => 'discard', detailed + => 'discard', includes => 'discard', included_by => 'discard', reimp +lemented_by => 'discard' }, TwigRoots => {panoply => 1}, TwigHandlers + => $twig_handlers); eval { $twig1->parsefile( $xfile ) }; die "can't parse file: $@" if $@; } sub class_info { my ($twig, $class) = @_; $class->set_pretty_print( 'indented' ); $class->print; } sub file_info { my ($twig, $file) = @_; $file->set_pretty_print( 'indented' ); $file->print; } sub namespace_info { my ($twig, $nsp) = @_; $nsp->set_pretty_print( 'indented' ); $nsp->print; }
    Sample xml file
    <panoply> <classes name="Panoply::AccessLogic"> <all_members name="accessLogic" protection="public"/> <all_members name="DDR_VIA_JTAG" protection="public"/> <brief></brief> <detailed> <doc type="text">Models the access logic</doc> </detailed> <includes name="AccessLogic.hpp" local="no" /> <public_methods> <members name="handledErrors" const="yes" kind="function" protec +tion="public" static="no"> </members> <members name="AccessLogic" const="no" kind="function" protectio +n="public" static="no"> <parameters declaration_name="accessLogic" type="AccessLogicTy +pes" /> <parameters declaration_name="handledErrors" type="const Handl +edErrors &amp;" /> </members> </public_methods> <public_typedefs> <members name="AccessLogicTypes" kind="enum" protection="public" +> <values name="IO_CF8_CFC"> </values> </members> <members name="MJTAG" kind="enumvalue"> </members> </public_typedefs> </classes> <classes name="Panoply::Details::ActionBatch"> <detailed></detailed> <includes name="PlatformActionBatch.hpp" local="no" /> </classes> <classes name="Panoply::Details::ActionResult"> <derived name="Panoply::Details::CPUIDActionResult"/> <includes name="PlatformAction.hpp" local="no" /> </classes> <classes name="Panoply::Details::AddressIndex"> <includes name="Panoply.hpp" local="no" /> </classes> <files name="panoplydoc.hpp"> </files> <files name="PanoplyExports.hpp"> <defines> <members name="NOMINMAX" kind="define" protection="public"> </members> <members name="_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS" kind="define"> </members> </defines> </files> <namespaces name="AMD"> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef" /> </namespaces> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef"> <classes name="AMD::RegisterDef::BaseDevice" /> <enums> <members name="PermissionLevel" kind="enum" protection="public"> <values name="PERMISSION_PUBLIC" initializer=" 10"> </values> <values name="PERMISSION_NDA" initializer=" 20"> </values> </members> <members name="RegisterType" kind="enum" protection="public"> <values name="REGISTER_PCI" initializer=" 0"> </values> <values name="REGISTER_MSR" initializer=" 1"> </values> </members> </enums> <functions> <members name="Compare" const="no" kind="function" protection="p +ublic"> <parameters declaration_name="first" type="T" /> <parameters declaration_name="second" type="T" /> </members> </functions> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo" /> <variables> <members name="LIBRARY_VERSION"> </members> </variables> </namespaces> <namespaces name="AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo"> <classes name="AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo::BaseEntity" /> </namespaces> </panoply>
      Sure, sprint, aka outer_xml
      use strict; use warnings; use XML::Twig; my $twig = XML::Twig->new( pretty_print => 'indented', TwigHandlers => { ro => \&ssprint, sham => \&ssprint, bo => \&ssprint, } ); $twig->xparse('<hi> <ro><yo/></ro> <sham><yo/></sham> <bo><yo/></bo> </hi>' ); sub ssprint { print 'moo', $_->sprint, "\n"; } __END__ moo <ro> <yo/> </ro> moo <sham> <yo/> </sham> moo <bo> <yo/> </bo>

      So whatever it is you're trying to get done, might be written as

      #!/usr/bin/perl -- use strict; use warnings; use XML::Twig; use Data::Dump qw' dd '; Main( @ARGV ); exit( 0 ); sub Main { my %files; my $filename; my $ssprint = sub { # my( $twig, $elt ) = @_; # my( $twig, $_ ) = @_; # $_ is $elt push @{ $files{ $filename }{ $_->path } }, $_->sprint; return; }; my $twig = XML::Twig->new( pretty_print => 'indented', TwigHandlers => { 'panoply/classes' => $ssprint, 'panoply/files' => $ssprint, 'panoply/namespaces' => $ssprint, }, ); for my $file( @_ ){ dd $filename = $file; ## eval { $twig->parsefile( $file ); 1; } or warn "ERROR parsefile($file): $@ "; $twig->purge; } dd \%files; } __END__ "panolpy.985318.xml" "panolpy.985465.xml" { "panolpy.985318.xml" => { "/panoply/classes" => [ "\n <classes name +=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\">\n <all_members name=\"accessLogic\" pro +tection=\"public\" scope=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\" virtualness=\"non_v +irtual\"/>\n <all_members name=\"DBUS\" protection=\"public\" scop +e=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\"/>\n <all_me +mbers name=\"DDR_VIA_JTAG\" protection=\"public\" scope=\"Panoply::Ac +cessLogic\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\"/>\n <all_members name=\"DE +FAULT\" protection=\"public\" scope=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\" virtualn +ess=\"non_virtual\"/>\n <brief></brief>\n <detailed>\n <do +c type=\"text\">Models the access logic</doc>\n </detailed>\n < +includes local=\"no\" name=\"AccessLogic.hpp\"/>\n <private_member +s>\n <members kind=\"variable\" name=\"m_accessLogic\" protectio +n=\"private\" static=\"no\" type=\"AccessLogicTypes\" virtualness=\"n +on_virtual\"></members>\n <members kind=\"variable\" name=\"m_ha +ndledErrors\" protection=\"private\" static=\"no\" type=\"HandledErro +rs\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\"></members>\n </private_members>\n + <public_methods>\n <members const=\"yes\" kind=\"function\" +name=\"accessLogic\" protection=\"public\" static=\"no\" type=\"Acces +sLogicTypes\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\" volatile=\"no\">\n < +brief></brief>\n <detailed>\n <doc type=\"text\">Gets + the current access logic for...</doc>\n </detailed>\n </ +members>\n <members const=\"no\" kind=\"function\" name=\"Access +Logic\" protection=\"public\" static=\"no\" virtualness=\"non_virtual +\" volatile=\"no\">\n <parameters declaration_name=\"accessLog +ic\" default_value=\"DEFAULT\" type=\"AccessLogicTypes\"/>\n < +parameters declaration_name=\"handledErrors\" default_value=\"Handled +Errors::ALL\" type=\"const HandledErrors &amp;\"/>\n </members>\ +n </public_methods>\n <public_typedefs>\n <members kind=\" +enum\" name=\"AccessLogicTypes\" protection=\"public\" static=\"no\" +virtualness=\"non_virtual\">\n <values name=\"DEFAULT\"></valu +es>\n <values name=\"IO_CF8_CFC\"></values>\n </members>\ +n </public_typedefs>\n </classes>", "\n <classes name +=\"Panoply::Details::ActionBatch\">\n <brief></brief>\n <detail +ed></detailed>\n <includes local=\"no\" name=\"PlatformActionBatch +.hpp\"/>\n </classes>", ], "/panoply/files" => [ "\n <files name=\ +"panoplydoc.hpp\">\n <detailed></detailed>\n </files>", "\n <files name=\ +"PanoplyVersion.hpp\">\n <brief></brief>\n <includes name=\"str +ing\"/>\n <variables>\n <members initializer=\"&quot;0.1.9&qu +ot;\" kind=\"variable\" name=\"LIBRARY_VERSION\" static=\"no\" type=\ +"const std::string\"></members>\n <members initializer=\"&quot;0 +0/00/0000&quot;\" kind=\"variable\" name=\"BUILD_DATE\" static=\"no\" + type=\"const std::string\"></members>\n </variables>\n </files>" +, ], }, "panolpy.985465.xml" => { "/panoply/classes" => [ "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\">\n <all_members name=\"accessLogic\" +protection=\"public\"/>\n <all_members name=\"DDR_VIA_JTAG\" prote +ction=\"public\"/>\n <brief></brief>\n <detailed>\n <doc t +ype=\"text\">Models the access logic</doc>\n </detailed>\n <inc +ludes local=\"no\" name=\"AccessLogic.hpp\"/>\n <public_methods>\n + <members const=\"yes\" kind=\"function\" name=\"handledErrors\" + protection=\"public\" static=\"no\"></members>\n <members const +=\"no\" kind=\"function\" name=\"AccessLogic\" protection=\"public\" +static=\"no\">\n <parameters declaration_name=\"accessLogic\" +type=\"AccessLogicTypes\"/>\n <parameters declaration_name=\"h +andledErrors\" type=\"const HandledErrors &amp;\"/>\n </members> +\n </public_methods>\n <public_typedefs>\n <members kind=\ +"enum\" name=\"AccessLogicTypes\" protection=\"public\">\n <va +lues name=\"IO_CF8_CFC\"></values>\n </members>\n <members +kind=\"enumvalue\" name=\"MJTAG\"></members>\n </public_typedefs>\ +n </classes>", "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::Details::ActionBatch\">\n <detailed></detailed>\n + <includes local=\"no\" name=\"PlatformActionBatch.hpp\"/>\n </clas +ses>", "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::Details::ActionResult\">\n <derived name=\"Panoply: +:Details::CPUIDActionResult\"/>\n <includes local=\"no\" name=\"Pl +atformAction.hpp\"/>\n </classes>", "\n <classes n +ame=\"Panoply::Details::AddressIndex\">\n <includes local=\"no\" n +ame=\"Panoply.hpp\"/>\n </classes>", ], "/panoply/files" => [ "\n <files nam +e=\"panoplydoc.hpp\"></files>", "\n <files nam +e=\"PanoplyExports.hpp\">\n <defines>\n <members kind=\"defin +e\" name=\"NOMINMAX\" protection=\"public\"></members>\n <member +s kind=\"define\" name=\"_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS\"></members>\n </ +defines>\n </files>", ], "/panoply/namespaces" => [ "\n <namespace +s name=\"AMD\">\n <namespaces name=\"AMD::RegisterDef\"/>\n </nam +espaces>", "\n <namespace +s name=\"AMD::RegisterDef\">\n <classes name=\"AMD::RegisterDef::B +aseDevice\"/>\n <enums>\n <members kind=\"enum\" name=\"Permi +ssionLevel\" protection=\"public\">\n <values initializer=\" 1 +0\" name=\"PERMISSION_PUBLIC\"></values>\n <values initializer +=\" 20\" name=\"PERMISSION_NDA\"></values>\n </members>\n < +members kind=\"enum\" name=\"RegisterType\" protection=\"public\">\n + <values initializer=\" 0\" name=\"REGISTER_PCI\"></values>\n + <values initializer=\" 1\" name=\"REGISTER_MSR\"></values>\n + </members>\n </enums>\n <functions>\n <members const=\" +no\" kind=\"function\" name=\"Compare\" protection=\"public\">\n + <parameters declaration_name=\"first\" type=\"T\"/>\n <para +meters declaration_name=\"second\" type=\"T\"/>\n </members>\n + </functions>\n <namespaces name=\"AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo\"/>\ +n <variables>\n <members name=\"LIBRARY_VERSION\"></members>\ +n </variables>\n </namespaces>", "\n <namespace +s name=\"AMD::RegisterDef::Buffalo\">\n <classes name=\"AMD::Regis +terDef::Buffalo::BaseEntity\"/>\n </namespaces>", ], }, }
        Thanks, works great but I am not familiar how to extract info from this type of hash. For example, output appears to be an anonymous hash, a string, anonymous hash, string, then array. How do I extract arrays of info. Tried variations of $key->{}->{}->[0] but no luck.
        { "xmlout.xml" => { "/panoply/classes" => [ "\n <classes name=\"Panoply::AccessLog +ic\">\n <all_members name=\"accessLogic\" protection=\"public\" sc +ope=\"Panoply::AccessLogic\" virtualness=\"non_virtual\"/>\n </clas +ses>", "\n <classes name=\"Panoply::Details:: +ActionBatch\"></classes>", ], "/panoply/files" => [ "\n <files name=\"AccessLogic.hpp\"></ +files>", "\n <files name=\"BaseDevice.h\"></fil +es>", ], "/panoply/namespaces" => [ "\n <namespaces name=\"std\"></namespa +ces>", ], }, }

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