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Re: Determine canvas object under click (Tk)

by thundergnat (Deacon)
on Aug 14, 2012 at 15:34 UTC ( #987386=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Determine canvas object under click (Tk)

I can think of a few possible ways to do that... though they all require a few contortions. Easiest is probably to use addtag. The canvas addtag method has a few nice search options; (nearest, overlapping. enclosed) that should be useful. Add a tag 'current' (or whatever) to the item, use that tag to process it, then delete the 'current' tag.

Like so:

#!/usr/bin/perl use Tk; my $mw = MainWindow->new; my $c = $mw->Canvas( qw/-width 20c -height 15c -relief sunken -borderwidth 2/ ); $c->pack(qw/-expand yes -fill both/); $c->createPolygon( qw/5c 4c 5c 7c 5c 1c 6c 1c 7c 4c 8c 1c 9c 1c 9c 4c 5c 4c -smooth on -tags item1/, -fill => 'red' ); $c->createRectangle( qw/1c 9.5c 4c 12.5c/, -outline => 'red', qw/-width 3m -tags item2/ ); $c->createLine( qw/1c 1c 3c 1c 1c 4c 3c 4c -width 2m/, -fill => 'blue', qw/-cap butt -join miter -tags item3/ ); $c->createLine( qw/1c 7c 1.75c 5.8c 2.5c 7c 3.25c 5.8c 4c 7c -width .5c -cap round -join round -tags item4/ ); $c->createLine( qw/1c 4c 1.5c 1c 3.5c 1c 4c 4c -smooth on/, -fill => $blue, qw/-tags item5/ ); $c->createLine( qw/11.5c 1c 15.5c 1.5c 11.5c 4.5c 15.5c 4c -smooth on -arrow both -width 3 -tags item6/ ); $c->createPolygon( qw/8c 8.0c 9.5c 8.75c 11c 8.0c 10.25c 9.5c 11c 11.0c 9.5c 10.25c 8c 11.0c 8.75c 9.5c -tags item7/, -fill => 'green' ); $c->createOval( qw/5.5c 8.5c 4.5c 6.5c/, -fill => 'green', qw/-tags item8/ ); $c->CanvasBind( '<1>' => sub { my ($c) = @_; print get_current( $c, $Tk::event->x, $Tk::event->y ), "\n"; } ); MainLoop; sub get_current { my ( $c, $x, $y ) = @_; $c->addtag( qw/current closest/, $x, $y ); my @tags = grep {$_ ne 'current'} $c->gettags(qw/current/); $c->dtag(qw/current current/); return @tags; }

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