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Re^2: Manipulating data structure

by SerZKO (Beadle)
on Aug 16, 2012 at 17:56 UTC ( #987845=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Manipulating data structure
in thread Manipulating data structure

Hej Rata and thanks for your reply,

I've modified my code like this :

my @entries; my $previouskey = ""; open (KOF, "<$konfil") or die "Kan inte \xF6ppna filen $konfil"; open (NYF, ">$nyfil") or die "Kan inte \xF6ppna filen $nyfil"; flock (NYF,2) or die $!; my $offset = 0; while(<KOF>) { chomp; $value =~ s/^\s*(\S*)\s+$/$1/; unless ($key eq $previouskey || $previouskey eq "") { $offset = 0; } $previouskey = $key; $entries[$offset]{$key} = $value; $offset++; } my @sorted = sort { $a->{'NYTT'} <=> $b->{'NYTT'} } @entries; my $pers =0; my $Za=1; #####Added foreach my $e (@sorted) { print NYF ($e->{'UID'}, "|", $e->{'FNA'}, "|", $e->{'ENA'}, "|", $ +e->{'PRE'}, "|", $e->{'NYTT'}, "|", $e->{"PRI$Za"}, "|", $e->{"FOR$Za +"}, "|", $e->{"CMG$Za"}, "|", $e->{"MEX$Za"}, "\n") if( $e->{"UID"} n +e "" || $e->{"FNA"} ne "" || $e->{"ENA"} ne ""); $pers++ if ($e->{"UID"} ne ""); $Za++; #####Added } close KOF; close NYF;
but I only get result on first line with all others empty ? Like this:
||Exp-pri|(0117)|23400|Nej|Nej|Ja|Ja|Nej FRLARS|Fredrik|Larsson|(0117)|23403||||| ####Empty ANJA08|Anja|Daun|(0117)|23404||||| ####Empty

What could go wrong ? It only interpolates variable PRI and adds a number ?

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