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Re^9: javascript login

by aitap (Deacon)
on Aug 17, 2012 at 19:43 UTC ( #988082=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^8: javascript login
in thread javascript login

I put strict off and it gives no errors,
It is recommended to put it back on and declare variables properly.

then i ran it and it gave line 6 unknown agent 'firefox'
This is because there is no agent alias called "Firefox". Use known_agent_aliases() to get available names, for example:
$ perl -MWWW::Mechanize -E'say join ", ",WWW::Mechanize::known_agent_a +liases' Linux Konqueror, Linux Mozilla, Mac Mozilla, Mac Safari, Windows IE 6, + Windows Mozilla

and line 1900 of says there is no form numbered 2
Try using Data::Dumper and forms() method to get the list of forms available for WWW::Mechanize.

Sorry if my advice was wrong.

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Re^10: javascript login
by Anonymous Monk on Aug 17, 2012 at 19:45 UTC
    Or just $mech->dump_forms; gives an error because when i
      $mech->dump_forms( [" +rl=%2fklanten%2fdefault.aspx"] ); Not a GLOB reference # print {$fh} $form->dump, "\n"; gives an error sub dump_forms { my $self = shift; my $fh = shift || \*STDOUT; for my $form ( $self->forms ) { print {$fh} $form->dump, "\n"; } return; }
       $mech->dump_forms( [""] );

        I solved the problem, I switched perl, system perl (mac) is outdated, i need to upgrade that one, now it gives me the response WWW::Mechanize=HASH(0x100970d08)->dump_forms( HTTP::Response=HASH(0x100b5b118) );

        What do I have to fill in in form number right now?

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