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Re^15: javascript login

by Anonymous Monk
on Aug 19, 2012 at 01:59 UTC ( #988278=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^14: javascript login
in thread javascript login

Isn't this the correct way to use it , with the $fh being the string of the site I want the form of ? /i>

LOL! No, that is not the correct way to use it. Did you read the documentation? Or the links I gave you to read?

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Re^16: javascript login
by robertw (Sexton) on Aug 19, 2012 at 02:09 UTC

    I am very sorry, I read the documentation, no print and no variable to submit, my response is:

    POST +default.aspx [aspnetForm] __VIEWSTATE=/wEPDwUJLTgwNjcxOTAxD2QWAmYPZBYEAgEPZBYKAgYPFgIeBGhyZWYF +KH4vQXBwX1RoZW1lcy9CaW5ja19OTC8wMS1nZW5lcmFsLmNzcz92PTNkAgcPFgIfAAUpf +i9BcHBfVGhlbWVzL0JpbmNrX05MLzAyLW1hc3RoZWFkLmNzcz92PTNkAggPFgIfAAUofi +9BcHBfVGhlbWVzL0JpbmNrX05MLzAzLWNvbnRlbnQuY3NzP3Y9M2QCCQ8WAh8ABSZ+L0F +wcF9UaGVtZXMvQmluY2tfTkwvMDQtcGFnZXMuY3NzP3Y9M2QCCg8WAh8ABSZ+L0FwcF9U +aGVtZXMvQmluY2tfTkwvMDUtQmluY2suY3NzP3Y9M2QCAw9kFgICAg9kFgICCw8PFgIeB +FRleHQFBUxvZ2luZGRkRSct5xg5J7XOPaOkDuGXciiedfo= (hidden readonly) __EVENTVALIDATION=/wEWBgKH9tq4CQKfkt2gAgKOiZq5DwLbtvDGDgLtsqC3AwKby5 +G7BDCgaZgvzLy9oWe9yDniWLWQnbuR (hidden readonly) ctl00$Content$Protocol= (hidden readonly) ctl00$Content$Gebruikersnaam= (password) ctl00$Content$Wachtwoord= (password)

    that is correct right?

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