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Re^2: win 32 OLE Selection property

by wakatana (Novice)
on Aug 22, 2012 at 09:00 UTC ( #988983=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: win 32 OLE Selection property
in thread win 32 OLE Selection property

Hello Rata, thank you for your answer but it did not helped me much :( seems pretty similar to what i did (or did not). I tried this:
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Word'; #$Win32::OLE::CP = CP_UTF8; binmode STDOUT, 'encoding(utf8)'; # OPEN FILE SPECIFIED AS FIRST ARGUMENT my $fname=$ARGV[0]; my $fnameFullPath = `cygpath.exe -wa $fname`; $fnameFullPath =~ s/\\/\\\\/g; $fnameFullPath =~ s/\s*$//; unless (-e $fnameFullPath) { print "Error: File did not exists\n"; exi +t 1;} my $Word = Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject('Word.Application') || Win32::OLE->new('Word.Application','Quit') or die Win32::OLE->LastError(); $Word->{'Visible'} = 0; my $doc = $Word->Documents->Open($fnameFullPath); my $paragraphs = $doc->Paragraphs() ; my $enumerate = new Win32::OLE::Enum($paragraphs); my $oldFont = $Word->Selection->Font; # add +ed line while(defined(my $paragraph = $enumerate->Next())) { my $text = $paragraph->{Range}->{Text}; my $sel = $Word->Selection; my $font = $sel->Font; if (!defined($font)) { $font = $oldFont; } # use the old f +ont instead else { $oldFont = $font; } # use this font + for future paragraphs if ($font->{Size} == 18){ print "Text: ", $text, "\n"; print "Font Bold: ", $font->{Bold}, "\n"; print "Font Italic: ", $font->{Italic}, "\n"; print "Font Name: ", $font->{Name}, "\n"; print "Font Size: ", $font->{Size}, "\n"; print "=========\n"; } } $Word->ActiveDocument->Close ; $Word->Quit;
Here is output:
Text: This is a doc file containing different fonts and size, document + also contain header and footer (Font: TNR, Size: 18) Font Bold: 0 Font Italic: 0 Font Name: Times New Roman Font Size: 18 ========= Text: This is a Perl example (Font TNR, Size: 12) Font Bold: 0 Font Italic: 0 Font Name: Times New Roman Font Size: 18 ========= Text: This is a Python example(Font: Courier New, Size: 10) Font Bold: 0 Font Italic: 0 Font Name: Times New Roman Font Size: 18 =========
As you can see in output everywhere is Font Size 18 even if in original document are different sizes (Also font name is not updated). This brings me to assumption that $font is set only once in 1st paragraph which is processed. Thus the following condition
if ($font->{Size} == 18)
is only evaluated in 1st processed paragraph. This also supports fact that if I change condition to following (Match 2nd paragraph):
if ($font->{Size} == 12)
the output is nothing. Because first paragraph is 18 not 12 and thus the condition is false, $font is not updated any more so it wont never be true. What I am doing wrong ? Many thanks

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