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Re: What Version of Perl Introduced '=encoding'?

by Tux (Abbot)
on Aug 24, 2012 at 08:50 UTC ( #989454=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What Version of Perl Introduced '=encoding'?

The ChangeLog of Pod::Simple states:

2003-08-12 Sean M. Burke <> * Release 0.97 * Loooking goooooood. Not smelling so much like beta anymore! * I think this might be the last version before I go putting "use utf8" all over the place. * Added placefolders for "=encoding" support. If you use "=encoding", you'll get an error about "not yet implemented" instead of "unknown directive". 2003-09-01 Sean M. Burke <> * Release 2.01 * Moved all version numbers up to 2.01 for reasons of Tibetan numerology. * Implemented =encoding. Thanks a million to Jarkko, Autrijus, Dan Kogai, and many others for their help, patience, and encouragement.

We have a very useful tool called corelist available when installing Module::CoreList that helps you answer the next question:

$ corelist -a Pod::Simple Pod::Simple was first released with perl v5.9.3 v5.9.3 3.04 v5.9.4 3.04 v5.9.5 3.05 v5.10.0 3.05 v5.10.1 3.07 v5.11.0 3.07 v5.11.1 3.08 v5.11.2 3.10 v5.11.3 3.13 v5.11.4 3.13 v5.11.5 3.13 v5.12.0 3.13 v5.12.1 3.14 v5.12.2 3.14 v5.12.3 3.14 v5.12.4 3.14 v5.13.0 3.13 v5.13.1 3.14 v5.13.2 3.14 v5.13.3 3.14 v5.13.4 3.14 v5.13.5 3.14 v5.13.6 3.14 v5.13.7 3.15 v5.13.8 3.15 v5.13.9 3.15 v5.13.10 3.15 v5.13.10 3.15 v5.13.11 3.16 v5.14.0 3.16 v5.14.1 3.16 v5.14.2 3.16 v5.15.0 3.16 v5.15.1 3.18 v5.15.2 3.18 v5.15.3 3.19 v5.15.4 3.19 v5.15.5 3.19 v5.15.6 3.19 v5.15.7 3.19 v5.15.8 3.19 v5.15.9 3.20 v5.16.0 3.20 v5.16.1 3.20 v5.17.0 3.20 v5.17.1 3.20 v5.17.2 3.20 v5.17.3 3.23 $

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

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