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Re^15: Help with pushing into a hash

by Kenosis (Priest)
on Sep 03, 2012 at 16:29 UTC ( #991467=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^14: Help with pushing into a hash
in thread Help with pushing into a hash

Perhaps your data is more complex than first thought. You listed the following:

$uniprot Q801F8 Q90XZ5; Q90XZ8;Name=dmrt1 B7ZS42 A4PBN7; B7ZS44;Name=dmrt1-b ;PF00751;PF12374 Q157S1 Name=Crtc1 Synonyms=Mect1, $activ: Q801F8 | PF00751.13 PF12374.3 PF12374.3 B7ZS42 | PF00751.13 PF12374.3 PF12374.3 Q157S1 | PF12886.2 PF12885.2 PF12884.2

Give the above listing, are you (potentially) expecting the following (keys/values)?

Q801F8 -> PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 B7ZS42 -> PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 Q157S1 -> PF12886 PF12885 PF12884 ... Q801F8 -> dmrt1 PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 Q90XZ5 -> dmrt1 PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 Q90XZ8 -> dmrt1 PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 B7ZS42 -> dmrt1-b PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 A4PBN7 -> dmrt1-b PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 B7ZS44 -> dmrt1-b PF00751 PF12374 PF12374 Q157S1 -> Crtc1 PF12886 PF12885 PF12884

It looks like there are multiple keys on a single $uniprot line:

Q801F8 Q90XZ5; Q90XZ8;Name=dmrt1 ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ | | | +-------+-------+--- keys to be captured?

If this is the case, the current regex operating on the $uniprot lines would fail.

Let me know if the script needs to capture potentially multiple keys on a single $uniprot line...

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