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Re^6: Problem with wxperl/

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 05, 2012 at 23:56 UTC ( #991975=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: Problem with wxperl/
in thread Problem with wxperl/

Sorry for the delay. I was out of the town for the long weekend. Per your suggestion, I have successfully installed IPC::Run into the system. After that here is what the log describes about the wxPerl::Constructors

C:\strawberry>cpanp -i wxPerl::Constructors Set up gcc environment - 4.4.7 20111023 (prerelease) [svn/rev.180339 - + mingw-w64/oz] [MSG] No 'C:\Users\xyz\.cpanplus\custom-sources' dir, skipping custom +sources [MSG] No 'C:\Users\xyz\.cpanplus\custom-sources' dir, skipping custom +sources [MSG] No 'C:\Users\xyz\.cpanplus\custom-sources' dir, skipping custom +sources Installing wxPerl::Constructors (0.000004) *** Install log written to: C:\Users\xyz\.cpanplus\install-logs\wxPerl-Constructors-0.000004-134 +6889139.log Module 'wxPerl::Constructors' installed successfully No errors installing all modules

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Re^7: Problem with wxperl/
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 06, 2012 at 07:32 UTC

    Welll, in Problem with wxperl/ you'll notice a distinct lack of strawberry in @INC

    Using N different perls is great, but just because you install some module in strawberryperl doesn't mean all the other perls will see the module

    Use the cpanp from the other perl to install this module

      Initially, I have installed ActivePerl without even searching what is needed to be used for Windows. Then I come to know that Strawberry is much needed for Windows. Then went ahead installed it. Now, I have the batch files to switch back and forth to Active and Strawberry. I have switched back to Active to install IPC::Run. The following error is being thrown in the console, but also displays the IPC::Run is installed successfully.

      C:\Perl64>cpanp -i IPC::Run It looks like you don't have a C compiler and make utility installed. + Trying to install dmake and the MinGW gcc compiler using the Perl Package Man +ager. This may take a a few minutes... ppm.bat install failed: Can't find any package that provides MinGW It looks like the installation of dmake and MinGW has failed. You wil +l not be able to run Makefile commands or compile C extension code. Please che +ck your internet connection and your proxy settings! Installing IPC::Run (0.92) *** Install log written to: C:\Users\spullabhotla\.cpanplus\install-logs\IPC-Run-0.92-1346959321 +.log Module 'IPC::Run' installed successfully No errors installing all modules

        I have verified that the wxPerl-Constructors Module from PPM is already installed. I did it before when I used to work on Active Perl.

        wxPerl-Constructors Version: v0.0.4 CPAN: Installed files: C:/Perl64/html/site/lib/wxPerl/Constructors.html C:/Perl64/html/site/lib/wxPerl/Constructors/argmap.html C:/Perl64/html/site/lib/wxPerl/Constructors/doc.html C:/Perl64/man/man3/wxPerl.Constructors.3 C:/Perl64/man/man3/wxPerl.Constructors.argmap.3 C:/Perl64/man/man3/wxPerl.Constructors.doc.3 C:/Perl64/site/lib/auto/wxPerl/Constructors/.packlist C:/Perl64/site/lib/wxPerl/ C:/Perl64/site/lib/wxPerl/Constructors/ C:/Perl64/site/lib/wxPerl/Constructors/argmap.pod C:/Perl64/site/lib/wxPerl/Constructors/doc.pod

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