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pod2pdf print blank page

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 10, 2012 at 15:55 UTC ( #992789=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
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Dear Monks,

I installed App::pod2pdf from CPAN to a local library ~/mylib/lib/perl5 and tried to use it from the command line like:

 perldoc -f each | pod2pdf > each.pdf

and bash returns that it can't find the pod2pdf package...

Then I installed pod2pdf from Ubuntu's software center, and tried the same command line input, this time it created a each.pdf file. But when I open it I only saw a blank page with 'STDIN' on the right upper corner and 'Page 1' on the bottom.

Could someone please tell me how to make it work?

Thank you very much!!

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Re: pod2pdf print blank page
by aitap (Curate) on Sep 10, 2012 at 16:15 UTC
    This is because text returned by perldoc is no more POD, but is just plain text. For example:
    $ head /usr/share/perl/5.14/pod/perldoc.pod =head1 NAME perldoc - Look up Perl documentation in Pod format. =head1 SYNOPSIS B<perldoc> [B<-h>] [B<-D>] [B<-t>] [B<-u>] [B<-m>] [B<-l>] [B<-F>] [B<-i>] [B<-V>] [B<-T>] [B<-r>] [B<-dI<destination_file>>] $ perldoc perldoc | head PERLDOC(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation PE +RLDOC(1) NAME perldoc - Look up Perl documentation in Pod format. SYNOPSIS perldoc [-h] [-D] [-t] [-u] [-m] [-l] [-F] [-i] [-V] [-T] [-r] [-ddestination_file] [-oformatname] [-MFormatterClassName]
    Try perldoc -u <whatever> | pod2pdf instead (option -u makes perldoc show just raw Pod source).
    Sorry if my advice was wrong.

      I do not have pod2pdf, but I can confirm that the following variant seems to work nicely on my Windoze system:

      perldoc -u -f each | pod2html > junque\each.html
      Thank you very much, aitap! It worked this time =D

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