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My first JAPH

by smeezekitty (Novice)
on Sep 21, 2012 at 05:36 UTC ( #994808=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I don't know if something like this has been done before but:
no warnings;@N=(0..9,'a'..'z');%N=map{$N[$_]=>$_}0..$#N;sub esabot{ $b=6*6;$n=shift;$R="";while($n>0){$R=$N[$n%$b].$R;$n=int($n/$b);}retur +n$R;} $SWNFZVDCVL=0xE22AD;$BVWEIQUHMO=0x566D77163;$NSANMOBGBP=0x121701;$GSPB +PGWHWT=0x3E4E2053; $TXHU=esabot($SWNFZVDCVL);$TXHU=~s/j/J/g;$XZFG=esabot($NSANMOBGBP);$XZ +FG=~s/p/P/g; print$TXHU.' '.esabot($BVWEIQUHMO).' '.$XZFG.' '.esabot($GSPBPGWHWT)." +,";

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Re: My first JAPH
by choroba (Chancellor) on Sep 21, 2012 at 08:10 UTC
    There is a sub missing before the first mention of esabot.
    لսႽ ᥲᥒ⚪⟊Ⴙᘓᖇ Ꮅᘓᖇ⎱ Ⴙᥲ𝇋ƙᘓᖇ
      Thanks for noticing. I had it working before so that must have gotten messed up when pasting. Fixed now.

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