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Can't install DBI or DBD::mysql after Mountain Lion

by mboudreau (Acolyte)
on Oct 11, 2012 at 15:40 UTC ( #998482=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
mboudreau has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

UPDATE: Problem solved following the advice of bitingduck. After installing the new Xcode, run Xcode and open the Preferences dialog. Click the Downloads icon and the Components tab, and then install the command line tools. Then the CPAN installs work.

I upgraded to Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and my Perl DBI scripts are no longer working. The last time this happened (when upgrading to Lion, OS X 10.7), I installed the latest version of Xcode and then was able to re-install DBI and DBD::mysql with the CPAN module.

This time I have installed the latest version of Xcode (4.5.1), and "install DBI" or "install DBD::mysql" both fail with this error message:

/System/Library/Perl/5.12/darwin-thread-multi-2level/CORE/perl.h:583:1 +1: fatal error: 'sys/types.h' file not found # include <sys/types.h> ^ 1 error generated. make: *** [Perl.o] Error 1

Can anybody help?

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Re: Can't install DBI or DBD::mysql after Mountain Lion
by Anonymous Monk on Oct 11, 2012 at 18:51 UTC
    I think that the developer-tools on the installation media must be installed. (And I always buy physical media.)
      This also happened to me when upgrading to Mountain Lion and removed the commandline tools. I had to go to Xcode and install again and now it works.
        Sorry, I didn't make it clear before that I have already installed the latest Xcode, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

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