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Re: Argument for Perl ( again and again )

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 16, 2012 at 11:38 UTC ( #999291=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Argument for Perl ( again and again )

Actually if your friend is really so much for 'fuzz', then he must know by now Python and Java these days get regularly trolled on many programming forums. People are just fed up with technical bureaucracy associated with Java, XML/Configuration mess, dependency management, endless pool of mediocre programmers which generally makes it difficult to identify good programmers.

Coming to Python, yes it was famous around in Google. But from the news that is coming out now, they have deprecated it in production especially for API usage, due to lack of strong type support. Its a very good language by the way, but breaking backwards compatibility with Python 3 just for things like print statement has made many users still stuck with Python 2.x series. The Python 3 adoption is and has always been very slow even after so many years after its release. Scoping is bad broken, there are some good frameworks. But given how brittle their syntax is, they are likely to break backwards compatibility every time they make a non trivial change to their syntax/semantics.

Javascript is hip because of NodeJS, but trust me languages like Go are likely to Python's lunch big time. And Rails eat Php's lunch long time back.

So if your friend is too much for 'fuzz', he must look at scala, clojure, coffeescript, NodeJS and those technologies alike. Python, Java, Php today are likely to be trolled and considered as much equally ancient as Perl.

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