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Re^4: How do you find keys of a Blessed Hash?

by perl-diddler (Hermit)
on Oct 17, 2012 at 17:29 UTC ( #999581=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: How do you find keys of a Blessed Hash?
in thread How do you find keys of a Blessed Hash?

<quote> (b) you are trying to write code that outstrips your mastery of Perl. </quote> ---- As they are my own programs -- I am *CONSTANTLY* pushing against the boundaries of my current knowledge of perl.

Staying within my comfort zone is a good way for me not to grow.

Furthermore, if you do things should rarely have the need nor the opportunity to stay in your comfort zone. I.e. if you have mastered an area, put it in a library, for re-use -- and you won't be re-writing your 'comfort zone code'. The only code left will be code that is outside of your current knowledge domain. Only there can learning occur. <quote> Perhaps you might want to consider working on more simple programs in Perl until you've become more skilled at isolating and reproducing bugs in small code snippets?</quote>

I have a diagnosed mental condition that precludes me working on stuff that is 'simple'. I literally can't focus on it. It's not a choice. Most people don't understand that -- and people with Overfocused ADHD are often told they are lazy, or trouble makers and are often discriminated against in the workplace or on lists and in life. But it's a medically diagnosed condition that is largely untreatable with current technology. But it causes me no end of problems, as my focus is often very different from what others think it is and that results in miscommunications, which virtually no one feels a need to even TRY to understand.

The few that try and succeed, often have great respect for my integrity, and my perseverance in spite of holding unpopular views -- I've been kick off forums for for such, because -- in one person's view, if was too risky to allow me to continue to speak to a group, as my ideas might become understood... and that would undermine the power of those in power who are running their own agenda. Thus they work to shut me away from their power base.

I know I'm likely saying a bit more than I should, but I tend to be a bit too honest for my own good -- so I am told by my friends, when I should just keep quiet. But I feel that only by being earnest, will I authentically "get anywhere". In every case where I'm doing something ahead of the curve -- the curve catches up 2-5 years later. Would it have happened w/o me... probably, eventually, but I can't help but wonder if it would have happened as quickly.

So I will likely continue to program at the edge of my skill -- even if they decline, as it's the only way to keep my brain at it's sharpest and do as much as possible to expand my grown and minimize decay...;-)

Sincerely & Cheers & thanks for your insightful and candid views.,
L Walsh

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