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Re: script problems1

by rchiav (Deacon)
on Apr 04, 2001 at 17:21 UTC ( #69647=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to script problems1

The first thing that I notice is that you don't have <FORM></FORM> tags listed here. If they're there, good.. but if not, that is probably part of your problem.

You also aren't setting the <option> "value". The text that is shown isn't actually submitted. There's a hidden value that is actually submitted. It can be the same thing as the text shown if you like...

print "<OPTION value="0">0</OPTION>\n"; print "<OPTION value="1">1</OPTION>\n"; print "<OPTION value="2">2</OPTION>\n"; print "<OPTION value="3">3</OPTION>\n"; print "<OPTION value="4">4</OPTION>\n"; print "<OPTION value="5">5</OPTION>\n"; print "<OPTION value="6">6</OPTION>\n";

Also as a style tip, I'd personally put all the values in an array and then iterate through them. It will make it a lot easier to update... instead of writing out each line. Hope this helps.. Rich

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