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Perl attributes are typically handled at CHECK time - between compile time (BEGIN) and INIT time, and way before run time. Your eval happens at run time, so too late to effect attribute processing.

Hm. That doesn't ring true.

Just because it is the main scripts runtime, doesn't prevent the eval use'd script from having its own BEGIN & END times. After all, it still has to be compiled.


package junk; sub BEGIN { printf "Hi from %s BEGIN\n", __PACKAGE__ } sub CHECK { printf "Hi from %s CHECK\n", __PACKAGE__ } sub INIT { printf "Hi from %s INIT\n", __PACKAGE__ } sub END { printf "Hi from %s END\n", __PACKAGE__ } 1;

This script that eval's it into being:

#! perl -slw use strict; print "Main runtime: About to eval use junk"; <STDIN>; eval "use junk"; print "Main runtime: Just eval'd use junk"; <STDIN>;

I get:

C:\test>junk Main runtime: About to eval use junk Hi from junk BEGIN Too late to run CHECK block at line 4, <STDIN> line 1. Too late to run INIT block at line 5, <STDIN> line 1. Main runtime: Just eval'd use junk Hi from junk END

So, if the attribute handling can be done at BEGIN time, then it is quite simple to wrap the attributed function over in a wrapper that did the tracing,

Tweak above to be::

package junk; use Attribute::Handlers; no warnings 'redefine'; sub TRACE : ATTR(CODE,BEGIN) { my ($pkg, $sym, $ref, $attr, $data, $phase, $file, $line) = @_; *{ $sym } = sub { warn "$file($line) called with [@_]\n"; my( @rc )= &$ref; warn "$file($line): returning [ @rc ]\n"; } } sub doStuff :TRACE { print "junk::doStuff says hi"; } 1;

And main to be:

#! perl -slw use strict; print "Main runtime: About to eval use junk"; <STDIN>; eval "use junk"; print "Main runtime: Just eval'd use junk; calling doStuff()"; <STDIN> +; junk::doStuff( 1..10 );

And you get:

C:\test>junk Main runtime: About to eval use junk Main runtime: Just eval'd use junk; calling doStuff() called with [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10] junk::doStuff says hi returning [ 1 ]

which is kind of cool. (Shame the function name isn't provided to the attribute handler.)

It'd be better if installing the TRACE attr into UNIVERSAL would then apply the wrappers to runtime loaded modules; and better yet if you you could use a "trace handler" package once in main and have it apply itself everywhere.

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