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Interesting to see that ... it takes a few dozen iterations to actually reach middle ground:

That is the nature of randomness. If it was exactly 50:50, it wouldn't be random.

But the more trials you run, the closer it will tend. This is more evident if you run this version with various different resets:

C:\test>perl -E"{++$t;$r=`perl -E\"say rand()\"`;$r<.5?++$a:++$b; printf qq[\r%.3f +: %.3f], $a*100/$t, $b*100/$t; $t>$ARGV[0] and say and $t=$a=$b=0; re +do}" 10 45.455 : 54.545 27.273 : 72.727 36.364 : 63.636 54.545 : 45.455 72.727 : 27.273 63.636 : 36.364 36.364 : 63.636 45.455 : 54.545 27.273 : 72.727 36.364 : 63.636 72.727 : 27.273 45.455 : 54.545 54.545 : 45.455 63.636 : 36.364 C:\test>perl -E"{++$t;$r=`perl -E\"say rand()\"`;$r<.5?++$a:++$b; printf qq[\r%.3f +: %.3f], $a*100/$t, $b*100/$t; $t>$ARGV[0] and say and $t=$a=$b=0; re +do}" 100 52.475 : 47.525 52.475 : 47.525 52.475 : 47.525 46.535 : 53.465 45.545 : 54.455 51.485 : 48.515 41.584 : 58.416 46.535 : 53.465 42.574 : 57.426 40.594 : 59.406 C:\test>perl -E"{++$t;$r=`perl -E\"say rand()\"`;$r<.5?++$a:++$b; printf qq[\r%.3f +: %.3f], $a*100/$t, $b*100/$t; $t>$ARGV[0] and say and $t=$a=$b=0; re +do}" 1000 49.750 : 50.250 51.349 : 48.651 48.651 : 51.349 53.047 : 46.953

With the rise and rise of 'Social' network sites: 'Computers are making people easier to use everyday'
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    [ambrus]: I think the minimal implementation here is just a timer and io function, plus pushing to the @REGISTRY.
    [Corion]: ambrus: Yeah, at least that's what I think I'll start with. A timer and potentially the dummy IO function that never is ready
    [ambrus]: That only lets you invoke the main loop from Prima->run;, not from AnyEvent->condvar- >recv; but that shouldn't matter

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