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I thought getter, setter method will avoid this trouble. Below was my trial.

package MyTieFile; use strict; use warnings; use Tie::File; use Encode qw/encode decode/; use Carp; my @Tied; sub new { my $class=shift; my $filename=shift; my %args =@_; my %self; $self{filename}=$filename; if( exists($args{discipline}) ){ $self{encode}=$args{discipline}; if( $self{encode} =~ /\((.*)\)/){ $self{encode}=$1; } delete $args{discipline}; } tie(@Tied, 'Tie::File', $filename, %args) or confess 'tie @Tied failed'; return bless(\%self, $class); } sub get{ my $self=shift; my $idx=shift; return $self->{encode} ? decode($self->{encode}, $Tied[$idx]) : $Tied[$idx]; } sub set{ my $self=shift; my $idx=shift; my $val=shift; $Tied[$idx]= $self->{encode} ? encode($self->{encode}, $val) : $val; } sub max_index{ my $self=shift; return $#Tied; } sub DESTROY { my $self=shift; untie $self->{filename}; } 1;
And test script
use strict; use warnings; use utf8; use 5.012; use feature qw< unicode_strings>; use MyTieFile; binmode STDOUT, ':unix:utf8'; my $t=MyTieFile->new('087.txt',recsep => "\x0D\x0A", discipline => ':e +ncoding(UTF-8)'); my $i; $i =0; while (<DATA>) { chomp; $t->set( $i, $_); ++$i; } # end while (<DATA>) $i =0; foreach ( 0 .. $t->max_index) { say "$i ".$t->get($i); ++$i; } # end foreach (@Tied) __DATA__ .. pasted UTF8 text from stackoverflow ... I wish perlmonk support UTF +-8 characters.

And I saw your post. So, overriding STORE,FETCH seems more elegant. I tried your untested code but it seems producing same warnings message for utf8 characters.


This seems to be a known problem because there is stackoverflow thread and I see the name "ikegami"

I hope "ikegami" or someone explains this problem , a little more...

In reply to Re^2: Tie::File failing with Unicode/UTF-8 encoding? by remiah
in thread Tie::File failing with Unicode/UTF-8 encoding? by HelenCr

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