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Which is why I don't understand why it's relevant. How does it help my solve the problem?

I don't know, but it certainly answers the question you asked , and I quote

returns a menu HANDLE, not an object reference. This seems to be more or less useless -- unless there's a way to turn the handle into an object?

So there you go :) smile (:

You posted a link to the tutorial. ...

:) I linked specifically to an example of the functional interface, how to use handles without turning them into objects

:) Sure its got nothing to do with menus , but then it wasn't supposed to

Fair enough: CODE

Employing Basic debugging checklist I get

( bless({ -handle => 28640341, Alpha => bless({ -id => 102, -menu => 41813267 }, "Win32::GUI::M +enuItem"), Beta => bless({ -id => 103, -menu => 41813267 }, "Win32::GUI::M +enuItem"), Program => bless({ -handle => 41813267 }, "Win32::GUI::MenuButton" +), }, "Win32::GUI::Menu"), bless({ # tied Win32::GUI::Window -accel => 0, -handle => 7734092, -name => "Main", -type => 0, }, "Win32::GUI::Window"), ) bless({ -handle => 13304919 }, "Win32::GUI::Menu")

so what you want to do is skip GetMenu and either use global variables , or store $Menu inside $WinMain

Like this

#!/usr/bin/perl -- #!perl use Win32::GUI; use Data::Dump; Main( @ARGV ); exit 0; sub Main { my $Menu = Win32::GUI::MakeMenu( '&Program' => 'Program', ' > &Alpha' => { -name => 'Alpha', -onClick => \&Alpha_Select +}, ' > &Beta' => { -name => 'Beta', -onClick => \&Beta_Select }, ); my $WinMain = Win32::GUI::Window->new( -name => 'Main', -menu => $Menu, -text => 'Menu Test', -width => 300, -height => 200, -onTerminate => \&Main_Terminate, ); $WinMain->Show(); $WinMain->{__special_Menu} = $Menu; dd $Menu, $WinMain; Win32::GUI::Dialog(); delete $WinMain->{__special_Menu}; # "DESTROY"/destructor/manual m +emory cycle break } sub Main_Terminate { -1; } sub Alpha_Select { 1; } sub Beta_Select { my($Window)=@_; my $menuhandle=$Window->GetMenu(); my $menu = bless { -handle => $menuhandle }, 'Win32::GUI::Menu'; dd $menu; #~ $menu->{'Beta'}->Enabled(0); # Doesn't work. $Window->{__special_Menu}->{'Beta'}->Enabled(0); return 1; }

Useful regarding memory management, Tutorials: Variable Scoping in Perl: the basics, Coping with Scoping , Mini-Tutorial: Perl's Memory Management, Lexical scoping like a fox, Read this if you want to cut your development time in half!

I'll be back with more:) maybe

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