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Hey guys

I have an interesting one today, I am trying to read a delimited file and create an output file with the information in neat columns. Whats so interesting I hear you say...?

Well I only need to convert between the line starting with 99HEADER to 99TERMIN. The delimitation is a pipe ( | ) but I was told by a colleague that pipes cause perl to do weird things (funny if true), so I created a tiny Shell script to convert this into a .csv file. So here goes...
#! /usr/bin/perl -w #Read between lines 40 - 112 from *.in, cut the lines up using pipe de +limitation. use strict; my @files = <*.in>; for my $file (@files) { open(my $read, '<', $file) or die "Couldn't open: $!"; open(my $write, '>', "$") or die "Couldn't open: $!"; my $lines; my($record, $code, $date, $calpercent$, $vehprn, $vehreg, $insrate +num, $insratetxt) print $write "Record\tCode\tDate\tCalculated Percentage\tVehicle P +RN\tVehicle Registration\tInsurer Rating Number\tInsurer Rating Text\ +n"; while(<$read>) { #@lines = split('', $_); if(/99HEADER/../99TERMIN/) { chomp; ($record, $code, $date, $calpercent$, $vehprn, $vehreg, $i +nsratenum, $insratetxt) = split(','); print $write "$record\t$code\t$date\t$calpercent$\t$vehprn +\t$vehreg\t$insratenum\t$insratetxt" } } }
And here is some sample data
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +00000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +00000000000000000000000 |0010001401N01 YY0101000000YYYYYY010100 01201309192013091920130919N12011 KY2 6AB 0250 + Y 02PN 999 20001010106 0200 04 00 0000 +0 0811 00 GB N 0300030201309195204120102200309052003090520130918 05R005000 K +Y2 6 3 001200M 1 1 N N N + KY2 6AB + 062013091901NNNNN 062013091902NNNNN 062013091920NNNNN 101001002013091919531118MMP20010101FM 19531118 010000000000000001N +05NNN NNN 00 N + 1120130919E04049E Y 15201309193820060101N10010101 99HEADER|001|001| 99INSSCH|AVP0| 99POLCOM|||||PIP735628020||||| 99INSFAC|F1_0|| 99INSFAC|F2_N|| 99INSFAC|F3_N|| 99INSFAC|F4_0|| 99INSFAC|F5_0|| 99INSFAC|F6_IM|| 99INSFAC|F8_0|| 99INSFAC|F9_B|| 99INSFAC|F10_0|| 99INSFAC|F11_3|| 99INSFAC|F12_0|| 99INSFAC|F13_Y|| 99INSFAC|F14_N|| 99INSFAC|F15_5|| 99INSFAC|F16_30/11/2011|20111130| 99INSFAC|F17_31|| 99INSFAC|F18_NO|| 99INSFAC|F19_246|| 99INSFAC|F20_B|| 99INSFAC|F21_0|| 99INSFAC|F22_5H|| 99INSFAC|F23_P|| 99INSFAC|F24_M|| 99INSFAC|F25_1598|| 99INSFAC|F26_13|| 99INSFAC|F27_9|| 99INSFAC|F28_17|| 99INSSCH|248| 99POLCOM|3||CAP01|66|3301R7435459||||| 99INSFAC2|MSRA01_1||||||"LNI10708"| 99INSSCH|391| 99POLCOM|3||CAP01|66|3301R7435459||||| 99INSFAC2|MSGAL1||||||"W=P1|X=335|AB=0|BB=0|JF=569|HB=0|IB=0|AD=1|GC=I +1|KD=0|YE=335|BF=B|GF=0|KF=401,0,0,0|GSB=15|HSB=99.2468394|KDB=2377.3 +7934|LDB=A|UDB=0|ETB=155|HTB=51|URB=7"| 99INSSCH|116| 99POLCOM|3||CAP01|66|3301R7435459||||| 99INSFAC2|MSRZ01a||||||"00I10587"| 99INSFAC2|MSRZ01b||||||"335000 B"| 99INSSCH|216| 99POLCOM|3||CAP01|66|3301R7435459||||| 99INSFAC2|MSRZ01a||||||"00I10587"| 99INSFAC2|MSRZ01b||||||"335000 B"| 99HEADER|006|001 99INSSCH|091| 99POLCOM|1||IIL|62|22593465033322||||| 99INSFAC2|C00156||||||I1P82240,CCCN0000,INNA0000,FAAA0570,YANZ1000| 99INSSCH|084| 99POLCOM|1||IIL|62|22593465033322||||| 99INSFAC2|C00050||||||I1001569| 99INSSCH|052| 99POLCOM|1||IIL|62|22593465033322||||| 99INSFAC2|C00124||||||XAAX0800,YPAX8400,ZAAZ0401,VAAA0000,WZZA0000| 99INSSCH|222| 99POLCOM|1||IIL|62|22593465033322||||| 99INSFAC2|C00243||||||XAAX0800,YPAX8400,ZAAZ0401,VAAA0000,WZZA0000| 99TERMIN| ABC14480120070920 ABC24490120070920 AIL01620000000000 ALC06040120130902 ALC16050120130902 ALC26060120130902 ALC36070120130902 ALC46080120130902 ANS00720000000000 AVP01110119990101 AXT06750000000000 AXX00300120030430 AXX11680120030430 AXX35940120100509 AXX75190120080914 AXX95660120090819 B-Z43150000000000 B-Z53410000000000 B-Z64350000000000
Thanks Jim

In reply to Reading File and Seperating into columns by Jalcock501

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