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Nodes to Consider

General:I have just recently started actively indulging in my civic responsibility by going to the "Nodes for consideration" and tossing in my two cents worth.

I thought it might be useful to be able to sort the section entries by those that I have already votes on as compared to those I have not, putting those that I have not at the top so that they are readily available, and those that I have towards the bottom.

Proposal:Sort of the work to do first, and the work done last.

(I did do a super search to see if this had been suggested before, but did not find this issue addressed as far back as 2004.)


  • My thinking is that (assuming the results come from a DB) this would be a simple addition of an "order by" in the query.

    (I did also look around for an existing way to "personalize" the display of this section, no luck. So if I missed it, please let me know.)

  • Gives the advantage of getting to the work to do first, without wading through the work that has been done already

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and do educate me if this seems foolish.

Suggestions by others:
  • A good idea added by Athanasius below - Add "submit" to top of page - ...Thanks!
  • kcott pointed out that it was unclear whether or not I was asking for considerations to be broken out into their originating sections. For clarification: I am not interested in that. Only that the things to be done come prior to the things that have already been done. Thanks kcott for pointing that out!
  • ambrus asked that the title be change to correctly identify the subject(Also added to the text of the node). Thanks ambrus! Done.
  • Perlbotics pointed out the following node which makes for a substantial improvement "Nodes To Consider" - Hide Nodes Already Voted (CSS)
    Thanks much Perlbotics!
    I still stand by the sorting idea. davies points out some of the reasons in Re^2: RFC: "Nodes for consideration" - sort contents?

Update:(second update to clean up a damned closing tag)

So, It has been a while and I think anyone who was interested commented. Thanks much for that. In the mean time, I have learned a bit due to some of those comments and because I spent more time on the site. I can see that the suggestion has limited value relative to other issues at the site. On the other hand, like I said, I certainly learned along the way.

I appreciate the feedback and the patience of those that have been about the place for a while and am satisfied.

'nough said on this subject! :-)

Next pint of ale is on me...

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