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Interesting, I just checked on AIX and the memory was freed for the child, but on Linux(Debian) the memory was still allocated for the child. So it depends on the OS.

You could try this program on your system and see if the memory is freed or not? Note: My test results are at the bottom of the script.

#!/usr/local/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; my $NAME = ""; my ( $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ, $FB_CacheMemoryRSS ) = &Display_Mem_Usage +($$,$NAME,0); print "Before: Virtual Memory: $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ\tReal Memory: $F +B_CacheMemoryRSS\n"; { my %RCache; for my $key ( 1_000 .. 11_000 ) { $RCache{$key} = chr( $key % 255 ) x 2_048; } ( $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ, $FB_CacheMemoryRSS ) = &Display_Mem_Usag +e($$,$NAME,0); print "After: Virtual Memory: $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ\tReal Memory +: $FB_CacheMemoryRSS\n"; } ( $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ, $FB_CacheMemoryRSS ) = &Display_Mem_Usage($$ +,$NAME,0); print "$$: Virtual Memory: $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ\tReal Memory: $FB_Ca +cheMemoryRSS\n\n"; my $fork = fork(); if ( $fork ) { ( $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ, $FB_CacheMemoryRSS ) = &Display_Mem_Usag +e($$,$NAME,0); print "$$: Virtual Memory: $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ\tReal Memory: $F +B_CacheMemoryRSS\n\n"; } else { ( $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ, $FB_CacheMemoryRSS ) = &Display_Mem_Usa +ge($$,$NAME,0); print "$$: Virtual Memory: $FB_CacheMemoryVSZ\tReal Memory: $F +B_CacheMemoryRSS\n\n"; } exit; sub Display_Mem_Usage { # VSZ is size in KBytes of the virtual memory ( VSZ * 1024 ) # RSS is size in pages of real memory ( 1024 * RSS ) my $cpid = shift; my $name = shift; my $from = shift; my $var = ""; my $fh; my $arg = qq| -o "vsz rssize" -p $cpid|; open ( $fh, "-|", "/bin/ps $arg" ) or die "Display_Mem_Usage: No +t open \'$arg\': $!"; while (<$fh>) { $var .= $_; } close $fh; my $rno = my @ref = split(/\n/,$var); if ( $rno < 2 ) { return ( - +1, -1 ); } my $info = join(" ", split " ", $ref[1]); my ($vmem,$rmem) = ( split(/\ /,$info) ); return ( $vmem , $rmem ); } __END__ AIX:# perl ckmem.cgi Before: Virtual Memory: 776 Real Memory: 852 After: Virtual Memory: 21904 Real Memory: 21980 41030: Virtual Memory: 21908 Real Memory: 21984 40244: Virtual Memory: 424 Real Memory: 404 ## Child 41030: Virtual Memory: 21912 Real Memory: 21900 AIX:# Linux:# perl ckmem.cgi Before: Virtual Memory: 5288 Real Memory: 1928 After: Virtual Memory: 26136 Real Memory: 22804 26362: Virtual Memory: 26128 Real Memory: 22804 26362: Virtual Memory: 26128 Real Memory: 22808 26369: Virtual Memory: 26128 Real Memory: 21600 ## Child Linux:#


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