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#!/usr/bin/perl ### WSproxy v0.8 ### By Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price ### A "Tell it to" filter/cache web proxy. Use it with inetd or netpi +pes. ### Configuration ## URL Grep lists. Use a regexp to match on URL (no need for http://) # Banned sites. Examples of ad sites below. @adban=( "(ads|adcontent)\.gamespy\.com/", "/gmcard/", "/us\.yimg\.com/a/", "UGODirect", "UGOPromotions", "\.inet1\.com/html-bin/adselect", "ad[0-9]+\.focallink\.com", "adbureau\.net", "adengine\.theglobe\.com", "adfarm\.mediaplex\.com/ad/", "adforce\.imgis\.com", "adimages\.gamespy\.com", "ads.+\.focalink\.com(:\d+)?/", "ads\.admonitor\.net/", "ads\.fp\.sandpiper\.net/", "ads\.link4ads\.com/", "ads\.washingtonpost\.com", "ads\.web\.aol\.com", "adserver\.ugo\.com(:80)?/", "advertising\.com", "advertizing\.com", "banners\.wunderground\.com/", "bannervip\.webjump\.com", "graphics\.theonion\.com/ad_graphics/", "image\.avea\.a\d+\.avenuea\.com/Banners/", "image\.avenuea\.com/Banners", "image\.ugo\.com/ads", "images\.cnn\.com/ads", "images\.v3\.com/ads/", "img\.adflight\.com/", "leader\.linkexchange\.com", "members\.tripod\.com/adm/popup/", "mp3\.com/RealMedia/ads/", "mplayer\.com/graphics/ad_sales/", "ms\.akamai\.net/.*/ads/", "ngadclient\.hearme\.com/", "retaildirect\.realmedia\.com", "valinux\.com/images/ads/", "view\.avenuea\.com/view/burst", "www\.adsynergy\.com/cgi-bin/adjuggler", "www\.burstnet\.com/cgi-bin/ads", "www\.palmgear\.com/banners/", "www\.palminfocenter\.com/images/ads/", "www\.thefunnypapers\.com/fpcgi/butnet/ads", "ad-adex[0-9]+\.flycast\.com/" ); @jsban=( "\.doubleclick\.net", "ad\.preferences\.com/jscript", "adserver\.(ugo|ign)\.com", "", "js-adex[0-9]+\.flycast\.com/", "hitbox\.com/", "www\.meixler-tech\.com/", "www\.click2net\.com/", "\.efront\.com/adserve\.jscript/", "party2001\.js" ); # Cached sites. If it doesn't match nocache, and matches cached, it'l +l # save any matched URL. @cached=( "images\.(slashdot\.org|freshmeat\.net|themes\.org)/", "freshmeat\.net/img/", "graphics\.userfriendly\.org/images/", "www\.geocities\.com/strredwolf/stalag/BigPanda\.gif", "www\.(pvponline|newshounds|kevinandkell|brunothebandit|suburbanj +ungle|theclassm)\.com/images/", "(perlmonks\.org|freshmeat\.net|bearchive\.com|palmgear\.com)/ima +ges/", "(howto\.tucows\.com|sluggy\.com|cyantian\.net|gpf-comics\.com)/i +mages/", "(distributed\.net|planetquake\.com|superosity\.com|krazylarry\.c +om)/images/", "(efax\.com|4\.3\.234\.209/forum|nukees\.com)/images/", "pics\.ebay\.com", "graphics\.theonion\.com/.*images/", "gs\.cdnow\.com/", "www\.palminfocenter\.com/images/[^/]+", "machinima\.com/(backgrounds|images)/", "www(apps)?\.ups\.com/images/", "\.yimg\.com/.*/(space|line|pls)", "\.yimg\.com/i/", "www\.op\.net/~eparkin/doemain/(title|background|buttons)/", "^", "(jpager|yog\d*)\.yahoo\.com/", "|mail)/", "velar\.ctrl-c\.liu\.se/vcl/cgi-bin/.*\.gif", "misterart\.com/pix/", "sourceforge\.net/.*/images/", "supermegatopia\.com/[^/]+\.(gif|css|js)", "supermegatopia\.com/.*/(back|home|next)\.gif", "www\.vistaprint\.com/.*/images/.*\.(gif|jpg|png)", "www\.scottmccloud\.com/.*\.(gif|jpg|png)", "\.barnesandnoble\.com/gresources/", "graphics\.studentadvantage\.com/", "www\.(superosity|brunothebandit)\.com/.*\.gif", "www\.cyantian\.net/(images|buttons)/", "www\.cafepress\.com/cp/?.*/images/" ); @nocache=( "mycomix\.toonscape\.com/images/db", "www\.palminfocenter\.com/images/.*/", "us\.yimg\.com/a", "www\.cyantian\.net/images/today", "www\.(superosity|brunothebandit)\.com/comics/" ); %pcached=( "velar\.ctrl-c\.liu\.se/vcl/Artists/New/.thumbnail/" => 3, "g\.akamai\.net/" => 1, "\.akamai\.net/.*/i/" => 1, "yerf\.com/[^/]+/data/.*\.(gif|jpg|png)" => 2, "\.keen(spot|space)\.com/images/" => 2, "www.\(superosity|brunothebandit)\.com/.*\.gif" => 3, "www\.keenspace\.com/forums/.*\.gif" => 3, "amtrak\.com/images/" => 3, "www\.noradsanta\.org/images/"=>3 ); # Where to put our info. It'll put the files under this directory. # The URL (w/o http://) will serve as a directory for this. $info="/home/tygris/.wsproxy"; # The cache will be put here under $info/cache # a delay db will be put here too. # Wait time in seconds for a lock to die. $deadlock=120; # two minutes ### Code! $ourver="0.8 beta - filtering/caching"; $d=$hard=$help=$log=$v=0; #debug foreach $j (@ARGV) { $d++ if($j eq "-d"); $v++ if($j eq "-v"); $hard++ if($j eq "-a"); $help++ if($j eq "-h"); $log++ if($j eq "-l"); $rand++ if($j eq "-f"); $limit++ if($j eq "-r"); $cflush++ if($j eq "-c"); } if($help) { print STDERR <<EOF; $0 options: -d debug -v verbose -a hard fail on banned URLs -l log interaction -f futz around with pulling images a bit -r try to rate limit (not implemented) -c Flush the TempCache and exit. EOF exit 1; } sub flushcache { # Find files... @d=(); $i=0; open(IN,"find $info/pcache/. -type f -print |") || die "Find died: + $!"; while(<IN>) { chop; $f=$_; $a=-M $f; foreach $j (keys %pcached) { $d[$i++]=$f if($f =~ /$j/ && $a > $pcached{$j}); } } close(IN); foreach $j (@d) { print "Deleting $j\n" if($d); unlink $j; } # Clean out empty directories. $i=1; while($i>0) { @d=(); $i=0; open(IN,"find $info/pcache/. -type d -a -empty -print |") || die " +Find died: $!"; while(<IN>) { chop; $d[$i++]=$_; } close(IN); foreach $j (@d) { print "Flushing $j\n" if($d); rmdir $j; } } system "touch $info/pcache/stamp"; exit 0; } &flushcache if($cflush); # The other end. Clear any cache when it's due. $pcf=-M "$info/pcache/stamp"; if($pcf >= 1) { print STDERR "$$: Forking a flush...\n" if($v); unless(fork) { exec "$0 -c"; } } # Requirements use Socket; $|=1; # Error subroutine. If we run into trouble, we do it here. sub err { my ($e,$r)=@_; # Quickly suck in some junk just in case... # BUG: It just delays netscape somehow. # while(<>) {;} print STDERR "$$: $e -- $r\n" if($v); print "HTTP/1.0 $e\r\n"; print "Content-Type: text/html\r\n"; print "Connection: close\r\n\r\n"; print "<html><head><title>$e</title></head><body>\r\n"; print "<h1>$e</h1><BR><P>"; print "WSProxy cannot fulfill your request -- $r<P>$req<P>\n"; print "<hr><br><i>WSProxy version $ourver<br></I>\r\n"; exit 0; } sub nothing { print STDERR "$$: Sending nothing\n" if($v); print "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n"; print "Content-Type: text/html\r\n"; print "Connection: close\r\n\r\n"; print "// Nothing. \r\n"; print "\r\n"; exit 0; } sub blank { print STDERR "$$: Sending blank\n" if($v); print "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\nConnection: close\n"; print "Content-type: image/gif\n\n", pack "H*", "47494638396101000100800000ffffff" . "00000021f90401000000002c00000000" . "010001000002024401003b"; } # Generic file send routine. sub sendthis { my ($file)=@_; my ($type); $_=$file; $type="text/html"; $type="image/gif" if /\.gif$/ ; $type="image/jpg" if /\.jpg$/ ; $type="image/png" if /\.png$/ ; while( -e "$file.LOCK" ) { unlink "$file.LOCK" if(-M "$file.LOCK" > $deadlink); sleep 3; } open(IN,"<$file") || &err("500 Internal Server Error","Cannot open + cached file ($!)"); print STDERR "$$: sending $file\n" if($v); print "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n"; print "Content-Type: $type\r\n"; print "Connection: close\r\n\r\n"; while(<IN>) { print; } exit 0; } # Open up a logfile. if($log) { $log='' unless(open(LOG,">/tmp/wsproxy.$$")); } # Read the first line of the request and pharze it. $_=$req=<STDIN>; tr/\n\r//d; exit 0 if(/^$/); m#^(GET|POST|HEAD) http://([^/]+)(/.*) (HTTP\S+)$#i; $type=$1; $site=$2; $page=$3; $ver=$4; print LOG "> $req" if($log); $url=$site.$page; #search banned foreach $j (@adban) { if($url =~ /$j/) { &err("400 Bad Request","Site $site is banned.") if($hard); print STDERR "$$: $url banned.\n"; &blank; } } foreach $j (@jsban) { if($url =~ /$j/) { &err("400 Bad Request","Site $site is banned.") if($hard); print STDERR "$$: $url banned.\n"; &nothing; } } #search cached $cachethis=0; unless($url =~ /\?/) { foreach $j (@nocache) { $really++ if($url =~ /$j/); } unless($really) { # Peramently cache? foreach $j (@cached) { if($url =~ /$j/) { $file="$info/cache/$url"; &sendthis($file) if (-e $file && -s $file); $cachethis=$file; print STDERR "$$: Caching $url\n" if($v); } } # Temp cache. if(!$cachethis) { foreach $j (keys (%pcached)) { next if($url !~/$j/); next unless($pcached{$j}); $file="$info/pcache/$url"; $s=-s $file; $m=-M $file; if($s && $m < 3) { &sendthis($file); } unlink $file if($s); $cachethis=$file; print STDERR "$$: TempCaching $url\n" if($v); } } } } print STDERR "$$: pulling $url\n" if($v); if($site =~ /^([^:]+):(\d+)$/) { $remote=$1; $port=$2; } else { $remote=$site; $port=80; } # Futz around if it's a graphic file. One attempt to limit Netscape's + spammish # tendencies if($rand && $page =~ /\.(gif|jpg|png)$/i && !$cachethis) { print STDERR "$$: Delaying...\n"; sleep (int (rand 2) + 1); } # Call out and strangle someone $iaddr = inet_aton($remote) ; # print STDERR "$$: $remote -> $iaddr\n" if($v); &err("400 Bad Request","Site $remote can't be resolved ($!).") unless($iaddr); $paddr = sockaddr_in($port, $iaddr); $proto = getprotobyname('tcp'); socket(SOCK, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, $proto) || &err("500 Internal Serv +er Error","Something went wrong trying to connect to $remote ($!)."); connect(SOCK, $paddr) || &err("500 Internal Server Error","Cannot c +onnect to $remote ($!)"); $old=select(SOCK); $|=1; select($old); print SOCK "$type $page $ver\r\n"; # Xmission's webserver is funky $lo=0; while(<STDIN>) { $ok=1; $l=$_; tr/\r\n//d; $lo=2 if(/^$/); $cont=$1 if(/^Content-[lL]ength: (\d+)$/); $nocache++ if(/^Pragma: no-cache/); $ok=0 if(/^Proxy-Connection:/); print SOCK "Connection: close$l" if($lo); print SOCK "$l" if($ok); print STDERR "$$ >>> $l" if($ok && $d); print LOG "> $l" if($ok && $log); last if($lo); } if($cont) { while($cont) { $in=read STDIN, $buf, ($cont < 256 ? $cont : 256 ); $cont -= $in; print SOCK $buf; print STDERR "$$ >>> $buf" if($d); print LOG "> $buf\n" if($log); } } print STDERR "$$ XXX\n" if($d); $conn=0; $lc=0; while(<SOCK>) { # print STDERR "$$: Site went bang: $!\n" if($!); $l=$_; $lc++; tr/\r\n//d; last if(/^$/); $conn++ if(/^Connection:/); $cont=$1 if(/^Content-[lL]ength: (\d+)$/); print $l; # print STDERR "$$: Client went bang: $!\n" if($!); print STDERR "$$ << $l" if($d); print LOG "< $l" if($log); } &err("500 Internal Server Error","Blank document returned. ($!)") unless($lc); print "Connection: close\r\n" unless($conn); print $l; if($cachethis) { $file=$cachethis; $file=~m#^(.*/)[^/]+$#; $dir=$1; print STDERR "$$: Saving $url\n" if($v); if(! -e $dir) { system "mkdir -p $dir"; } while(-e "$file.LOCK") { # Hmmm... already being pulled. unlink "$file.LOCK" if(-M "$file.LOCK" > $deadlink); sleep 3; } if(open(OUT,">$file.LOCK")) { print OUT "$$\n"; close(OUT); $cachethis=0 unless( open(OUT,">$file") ); unlink "$file.lock" unless($cachethis); } } if($cont) { while($cont) { $in=read SOCK, $buf, ($cont < 256 ? $cont : 256 ); $cont -= $in; print $buf; print OUT $buf if($cachethis); # print STDERR "$$ << $buf" if($d); print LOG "< $buf\n" if($log); } } else { while(<SOCK>) { print; print OUT if($cachethis); print LOG if($log); } } close(SOCK); unlink "$file.LOCK" if($cachethis); close(OUT); print STDERR "$$: Done with $url\n" if($v);

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