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Well, yet again I've posted as the AM by mistake, and cannot edit my node:( So, one correction, everywhere I wrote String::IO, that should of course be IO::String.

Now, here's the benchmarks...

Benchmark: timing 10000 iterations of fifo, perlio, string...
      fifo:  8 wallclock secs ( 7.52 usr +  0.00 sys =  7.52 CPU) @ 1329.79/s (n=10000)
    perlio:  1 wallclock secs ( 0.73 usr +  0.00 sys =  0.73 CPU) @ 13698.63/s (n=10000)
    string: 15 wallclock secs (14.82 usr +  0.01 sys = 14.83 CPU) @ 674.31/s (n=10000)
          Rate string   fifo perlio
string   674/s     --   -49%   -95%
fifo    1330/s    97%     --   -90%
perlio 13699/s  1932%   930%     --
the code: ------- package fifo; # note: this was just a work in progress, now abandoned # and never to be finished, so it's still somewhat crude. use base 'Tie::Handle'; use Symbol (); sub new { my $class = shift; my $self = bless Symbol::gensym(), ref($class) || $class; tie *$self, $self; $self->open(@_); $self; } sub open { my $self = shift; return $self->new(@_) unless ref($self); *$self->{contents} = []; return $self; } sub TIEHANDLE { return $_[0] if ref($_[0]); my $self = bless Symbol::gensym(), $_[0]; $self->open(@_); return $self; } sub PRINT { my $self = shift; push( @{*$self->{contents}}, split( /^/om, join( '', (pop @{*$self->{contents}} || '', @_) ) ) ); } sub PRINTF { my $self = shift; my $fmt = shift; $self->PRINT(sprintf($fmt, @_)); } sub READLINE { return $_[0]->readlines() if wantarray; return shift(@{*{$_[0]}->{contents}}); } sub readlines { my $contents = *{$_[0]}->{contents}; *{$_[0]}->{contents} = []; return @$contents; } sub EOF { return not (scalar @{*{$_[0]}->{contents}}); } 1; ------------ #!/usr/bin/perl use fifo; use IO::String; my $fh1 = fifo->new(); my $fh2 = IO::String->new(); my $fh3; my $buf = ''; open($fh3, "+<", \$buf); sub foo { for (1..10) { print $fh1 "xxxx\n"; } while (<$fh1>) { # print; } } sub bar { for (1..10) { print $fh2 "xxxx\n"; } $fh2->pos(0); while (<$fh2>) { # print; } $fh2->pos(0); } sub baz { for (1..10) { print $fh3 "xxxx\n"; } seek($fh3, 0, 0); while (<$fh3>) { # print; } seek($fh3, 0, 0); } use Benchmark qw(cmpthese); cmpthese ( 10000, { fifo => \&foo, string => \&bar, perlio => \&baz, } );
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    [tye]: I don't know if you can just dismount, but I thought so.
    [davido]: yeah, umount -f isn't powerful enough.
    [tye]: probably something in the init subsystem that does the mounting that you could disable and reboot.
    davido needs to close laptop to board flight home from yapc.
    [davido]: I'll look into it in a few hours probably.
    [davido]: when i do get to that point I think I'll do it in a vm snapshot just in case. :)
    [oiskuu]: tye, you were right: loginuid/sessionid are part of task struct if compiled with AUDITSYSCALL. I have some doubts if you should actually depend on that feature.
    [Corion]: oiskuu: Depends on what you want to do with that information
    [tye]: I'm not depending on that feature. But I could in this environment. I'm using getlogin(). shrug
    [Corion]: For benign logging (which user started this DB instance), it's OK

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