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I may do the later chapters as I find the time.
Copies of the original work can be found all over the web, here's one place to find it.

(update) more:
The Tao of Programming, Chapter 2
The Tao of Programming, Chapter 9
# Based on "The Tao of Programming" as Translated By Geoffrey James package Tao::Book::1; # The silent void $master_programmer = bless \$programmer, 'Tao'; $master_programmer->spake(qq{ When you have learned to snatch the erro +r code from the trap frame, it will be time for you to leave. }); # 1.1 () = do { open STDOUT, ">/dev/null"; 1 while $mystery; $mystery =~ /(\001|\000)+/; $_ = $mystery; *{'Tao of Programming'} = *_; if ($tao = 'great') { $^O = 'great'; } if ($^O eq 'great') { $^X = 'great'; } if ($^X eq 'great') { $0 = 'great'; } for $user (@world) { $user->{':)'}++ } (sub { $morning->{wind} = @_; return $morning })->(${'Tao of Pr +ogramming'}); }; # 1.2 { $machine_language = $tao->(); $assembler = $machine_language->(); $compiler = $assembler->(); $#languages = 9999; @tao = grep //, @languages; foreach (@languages) { $_ = { purpose => 1, yin => 'software', yang => 'software', }; $tao->{$_}++; } @use = grep $_ !~ /^COBOL$/, @languages unless $nochoice; } # 1.3 { BEGIN { $tao++; } ($space, $time) = $tao->(); @programming{ qw( yin yang ) } = ($space, $time); unless (study $tao) { ($space /= 2, $time /= 2) while 1; } if (study $tao) { ($space, $time) = @goal{ qw( space time ) } } } # 1.4 { $wise_programmer->($tao) && ($tao, $wise_programmer); $average_programmer->($tao) && grep /$tao/, @_; $foolish_programmer->($tao) && do { $laughter = $foolish_programmer->laugh($tao) }; $tao = undef unless $laughter; open SOUND, '> /dev/audio'; print SOUND 0xFF; goto Forward; Retreat: goto Last; Forward: goto Retreat; Last: { $life->{age} >= $late && print "great talent"; } print("perfect program"); }

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