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This ought to fix your newline issue ;)(i submitted it on
package Apache::CVS::Revision; sub content { my $self = shift; $self->_checkout() unless $self->co_file(); return undef if $self->is_binary(); open FILE, $self->co_file(); # my $content = join "\n", <FILE>; my $content = join '', <FILE>; close FILE; return $content; }
update: caching support added, even though apache2 doesn't like Apache::CVS (will test with mod_perl1x later on). Enjoy
package Apache::CVS::Tidy; use strict; use warnings; use base qw(Apache::CVS::HTML); use Perl::Tidy; use Cache::FileCache; ## PodMaster use CGI qw(start_html); sub print_page_header { my $self = shift; return if $self->page_headers_sent(); $self->request()->print(start_html( -title => 'CVS Repository', -style => { src => '/path/to/perltidy.css' }, )); $self->print_path_links(); $self->page_headers_sent(1); } ## PodMaster ## originally straight from Apache::CVS::HTML ## caching support added, and print_text_revision inlined sub handle_revision { my $self = shift; my ($uri_base, $revision_num) = @_; my $file = Apache::CVS::File->new($self->path(), $self->rcs_config +()); my $revision = $file->revision($revision_num); eval { if ($revision->is_binary()) { my $subrequest = $self->request()->lookup_file($revision->co_file()); $self->content_type($subrequest->content_type); $self->print_http_header(); $self->request()->send_fd($revision->filehandle()); close $revision->filehandle(); } else { $self->print_http_header(); $self->print_page_header(); my $cache = Cache::FileCache->new( { namespace => 'JeffasTidyCvs', # cache_root => 'someplace' # I like the default auto_purge_on_set => 0, auto_purge_on_get => 0, directory_umask => '077', # i don't care } ); my $key = $file->path().$file->name().$revision->number(); my $content = $cache->get($key) if defined $cache; if( defined $content ){ ## is it cached? PodMaster $self->request()->print($content); } else { ## your sub print_text_revision my $html; $content = $revision->content(); perltidy( source => \$content, destination => \$html, argv => '-html -npod -css=/path/to/perltidy.c +ss', errorfile => '/dev/null', ); $cache->set($key,$html) if defined $cache; $self->request()->print($html); } } }; if ($@) { $self->request()->log_error($@); $self->print_error("Unable to get revision.\n$@"); return; } } 1; package Apache::CVS::Revision; sub content { my $self = shift; $self->_checkout() unless $self->co_file(); return undef if $self->is_binary(); open FILE, $self->co_file(); # my $content = join "\n", <FILE>; my $content = join '', <FILE>; close FILE; return $content; } 1;

So sorry honourable jeffa, I was saving the plaintext($content) instead of the html ($html), fixed now ;)

After much debugging, Apache::CVS is sweet, but it relies on unportable code (damn, Rcs sucks)

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