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#!/usr/bin/perl -w # File: # # Version: 0.01 # # Purpose: modify the score file generated from the slrn newsreader # and expire scores based on date. use Time::ParseDate; use strict; # Put your scorefile here my $scorefile = "/where/ever/.slrnscore"; # This is the hash containing the data structure. my %scores; # Read in the score file and generate the data structure. &read_score_struct(); # Endless loop. while (1) { system("clear"); # Print out the list of newsgroups. &show_newsgroups(); print "[E]xpire scores, [D]elete whole group score, [W]rite scoref +ile " . "or [Q]uit? "; chomp(my $input = <STDIN>); # Quit the program. if (lc $input eq "q") { print "Allright, I'll quit.\n"; last; # Expire scores in a specific newsgroup. } elsif (lc $input eq "e") { print "Which newsgroup? "; chomp(my $newsgroup = <STDIN>); print "Expire messages older than (e.g. \"2 months\", \"1 year +\"): "; chomp(my $date = <STDIN>); my $epochtime = parsedate("-$date"); die "Error parsing date: $!" unless $epochtime; &expire($newsgroup, $epochtime); # Delete the scores for a whole newsgroup. } elsif (lc $input eq "d") { print "Which newsgroup? "; chomp(my $newsgroup = <STDIN>); delete $scores{$newsgroup}; # Write out the scorefile. } elsif (lc $input eq "w") { &write_score_struct(); print "Score file $scorefile written.\n"; last; } } #### # This sub reads in the scorefile and generates our data # structure, based on hash of hashes. sub read_score_struct { my ($current_group, $epochtime); open (SCORES, $scorefile) or die $!; while (my $line = <SCORES>) { # Skip commented lines that we don't need. next if $line =~ /^%(?!Score created)/; # Extract the creation date. if ($line =~ /^%Score created by slrn on (.*)$/) { $epochtime = parsedate($1); die "Parsing date: $!\n" unless defined $epochtime; # Extract the newsgroup that the score is responsible for and +setup # a temporary variable we can work with. } elsif ($line =~ /^\[(.*)\]/) { if (exists $scores{$1}) { $current_group = $scores{$1}; } else { $scores{$1} = $current_group = {}; } # Extract the score value. } elsif ($line =~ /^Score: (.*)/) { $current_group->{$epochtime}->{SCORE} = $1; # Extract the header that was scored on. } elsif ($line =~ /^\s+(\w+): (.*)$/) { $current_group->{$epochtime}->{HEADER} = $1; $current_group->{$epochtime}->{MATCH} = $2; } } close SCORES; } #### # This sub will write out the score file. sub write_score_struct { open (SCORES, "> $scorefile") or die $!; # Traverse over the data structure. foreach my $newsgroup (keys %scores) { foreach my $epochtime (sort keys %{$scores{$newsgroup}}) { print SCORES "%Score created by slrn on "; print SCORES scalar localtime($epochtime); print SCORES "\n\n"; print SCORES "[$newsgroup]\n"; print SCORES "Score: $scores{$newsgroup}->{$epochtime}->{S +CORE}\n"; print SCORES "\t$scores{$newsgroup}->{$epochtime}->{HEADER +}: " . "$scores{$newsgroup}->{$epochtime}->{MATCH +}\n\n"; } } close SCORES; } #### # Print out the list of newsgroups and the scores count. sub show_newsgroups { print "Scores exist on these newsgroups:\n"; print "---------------------------------\n\n"; foreach (sort keys %scores) { print "$_: "; printf "%d score%s\n", scalar keys %{$scores{$_}}, scalar keys %{$scores{$_}} == 1 ? "" : "s"; } print "\n"; } #### # Expire scores in a newsgroup on a given date. sub expire { my ($newsgroup, $epochtime) = @_; foreach (keys %{$scores{$newsgroup}}) { delete $scores{$newsgroup}->{$_} if $_ < $epochtime; } # If there are no more scores for a newsgroup, we can delete it, t +oo. delete $scores{$newsgroup} unless scalar keys %{$scores{$newsgroup +}}; }

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