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Hello, all. tye has been taking a good, long, look at XP, voting, the relationship between them, the problems caused by the current relationship, and how to best solve them, for quite a while, and this is his plan, as posted on the wiki. It seems to have passed review by the gods, and I thought it was time to ask for feedback from you-all. I told him that it was probably time to post it here, and he said "feel free", so I am. Remember, this is not my work. If you want somebody to thank, thank tye. (If you want somebody to blame, blame ar0n.) Without futher ado:

Here is my take on how the voting system should become. Much of this I worked out talking to vroom. Some details I finalized on my own. The main changes are:
  • Less XP bonus for casting all votes (many seem to feel that making Saint w/o write-ups was too easy)
  • No XP bonus for casting a down-vote (we have just a few people casting almost all of the downvotes being cast)
  • No XP loss if your node is only down-voted once (noise reduction)
  • Less XP loss if an *old* node is down-voted (we forgive you for your old sins, and it makes it much less effective for someone to "attack" someone by downvoting all of their nodes or their lowest-reputation nodes)
  • High-reputation nodes that are *old* earn XP for up-votes more like regular-reputation nodes (Reduce the effect of Best Nodes on XP)
Between the HRs is the likely next replacement for Voting/Experience System.

Once each day, all monks are given their daily allocation of votes. So, once you have reached Level 2 (Novice -- see below) and waited upto one day for the next batch of votes to be given out, you can vote on nodes.

If you have any unused votes, then the XP Nodelet will appear telling you how many votes you have left and, on most nodes, you will see radio buttons labeled "++" and "--". You use these radio button to vote on the node, then press the "Vote" button toward the bottom of the page to cast the vote(s).

Use these votes wisely! Up-vote (vote "++" on) nodes that you appreciate and the author may gain experience points (XP) and you may gain XP for helping to rate nodes. You can down-vote (vote "--" on) nodes that you feel deserve it and the author may lose experience points. The details are below. (Also see vote-related preferences in user settings.)

You will receive a certain number of votes each 24-hour day. The higher your level, the more votes you receive. As you go up in level, you may also receive special powers.

All details are subject to change as we see necessary.

10 0Initiate
220 5Novice
350 8Acolyte
4100 12Scribe
5200 16Monk
6500 20Friar
71000 25Abbot
81600 30Bishop
92300 35Pontiff
103000 40Saint

Other ways to alter XP:

  • 1/4 chance of +1 XP every time you up-vote a node
  • 1/4 change of +2 XP each day if you were logged in within the past 24 hours
  • +1 XP if you use up all of your votes for that day while you are Level 2 (Novice) or Level 3 (Acolyte).

There is roughly a 1/3 chance of you gaining 1 XP when someone up-votes one of your nodes. The odds increase the higher your node's reputation is "above average," but this effect fades as your node gets older (returning the odds to closer to 1/3 even if your node's reputation has become quite high).

There is roughly a 1/3 chance of you losing 1 XP when someone down-votes one of your nodes. The odds decrease the higher your node's reputation is "above average". The odds also decrease the older your node is.

For the first week after you post a node, the odds do not change (based on node age, but they may change as your node's reputation changes or as $NORM changes -- see below). This is called $week==1. At the second week, the odds of a down-vote resulting in you losing 1 XP reduce quite a bit (by about half). Each week after that, the odds of losing 1 XP when your node is down-voted approach zero while the odds of gaining 1 XP when your node is up-voted approach 1/3 (that is, your node's reputation has less effect on raising the odds above 1/3).

For each of your nodes, the first up-vote cast and the first down-vote cast have special odds.

Odds of gaining 1 XP when your node is up-voted:

    First up-vote:   Always
    Later up-votes:  (2+$bonus/$week) / 6

Odds of losing 1 XP when your node is down-voted:

    First down-vote:   Never
    Later down-votes:  1 / (3+$bonus+$decay)
    (Except that the odds are set to 0 when $bonus is 4.)

Where the variables are defined as:

int($rep/$NORM); but 0 <= $bonus <= 4
0 the first week ($week=1) and 2+$week in subsequent weeks; that is 0 then 3+int($nodeAgeInWeeks)
your node's reputation (count of up-votes minus count of down-votes)
The average reputation of all of the nodes created within the past week. It is only calculated once each day, at the same time as votes are given out. The current value of $NORM is 10.0813.

Your node's reputation Bonus Odds of gaining 1 XP Odds of losing 1 XP
Week 1 Week 2 1 year Week 1 Week 2 1 year
           $rep < 1*$NORM 0 1/3 1/3 1/3 1/3 1/7 1/58
1*$NORM <= $rep < 2*$NORM 1 1/2 5/12 0.3365 1/4 1/8 1/59
2*$NORM <= $rep < 3*$NORM 2 2/3 1/2 0.3397 1/5 1/9 1/60
3*$NORM <= $rep < 4*$NORM 3 5/6 7/12 0.3429 1/6 1/10 1/61
4*$NORM <= $rep           4 1 2/3 0.3462 0 0 0

theorbtwo in a Coat of Many Colors. I may be a god, but I'm not infailable. Smack me up if I'm wrong, just like anybody else.

In reply to Possible changes to Voting/XP by theonetwo

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