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Strangely enough nobody's offered bad code they wrote

Is this a challange? Oh boy, do I have some bad code that I've written. Of course, I know better nowadays. But back then... boy oh boy. Let me dig through my dead code archive for some examples.

Let's start with a nice subroutine to convert a decimal number to its binary form:

sub bin { my $num = shift; my $bin = ""; for my $digit (128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1) { if($num >= $digit) { $num -= $digit; $bin .= 1; } else { $bin .= 0; } } return $bin; }

The name is pretty bad to begin with, but the real problem is the brute-force algorithm. If only I'd known that I could've written it like this instead:

sub bin { substr unpack("B*", pack "i", $_[0]), 0, 8; }

Or even:

sub bin { sprintf "%08b", $_[0]; }

Then of course, there's code like this, which just makes me shudder:

if(-e "$bmfile") { &addlink("$bmfile","$url","$desc"); } else { &newbmfile("$bmfile","$url","$desc"); }

Or how about this doozy:

LINE: foreach $line (@bmfile) { chomp($line); if($line =~ /title/i) { ($null,$title,$null) = split(/\<\/*title\>/i,$line); } elsif($line =~ /a href/i) { ($null,$link,$null) = split(/\"/,$line,3); ($null,$desc) = split(/\>/,$line); ($desc,$null) = split(/\</,$desc); } else { next LINE; } if($link) { $links[$#links+1] = "$desc,$link"; } }

Wait, wait! There's more!

while(defined($line = <IN>)) { chomp($line); @chunks = split(/\s+/,$line); $ctr = 0; while(defined($chunk = $chunks[$ctr])) { if($chunk =~ /HREF/) { ($null,$url) = split(/\"/,$chunk); print "$url\n"; @full = split(/\//,$url); $dir = $full[5]; $file = $full[6]; system("wget $url"); unless(-e "$dir") { mkdir "$dir",0755; } rename "$file","$dir/$file"; } $ctr++; } }

I can keep going all day:

open(IN, "<$accesslog_file") or die "Cannot open $accesslog_file for input: $!\n"; while(defined(my $line = <IN>)) { chomp $line; if($line =~ /(.*?) - - \[(.*?)\/(.*?)\/(.*?):(.*?):(.*?):(.*?) ( +.*?)\] \"(.*?)\" (.*?) (.*?)/) { my $host = $1; my $day = $2; my $month = $3; my $year = $4; my $hour = $5; my $minute = $6; my $second = $7; my $timezone = $8; my $request = $9; my $response = $10; my $unknown = $11; $host = &dns_lookup($host); # push information into our hash # adds a reference to the log entry array into # the hash element for this host push @{ $hosts{$host} }, [ $month, $day, $year, $hour, $minute, "'$request'", $response ]; } } close(IN);

So yeah. Now that I've let some of this stuff out there, and everyone thinks I'm a terrible coder, are you happy? Did I live up to your challenge? :-)

Update: added <readmore> tags.

Update: I guess my willingness to post my own old, bad code gets me downvotes. How very pleasant.

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