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I've tried out Eclipse 3 with the EPIC plugin as my new editor. After a few days of 'so-so' results, I switched to the test version of EPIC--0.3.9 and now I'm now quite happy with Eclipse as my IDE. I expect the feature set to just keep getting better, too.

Which plugins are installed really makes Eclipse what it is. By default, Eclipse has a whole bunch of Java plugins which are not very useful to the mostly Perl programmer. Finding plugins that are compatible with version 3 is also a little tricky. Here's the list I'm using and the associated update sites. (You need the update site in order to install the plugin in my experience--the old method of extracting into the /plugin directory has not worked for me with 3.0.)

EPIC 0.3.9 Perl syntax and interpreter support
Colorer Editor syntax highlighting for 'other' files
Azzuri Clay DB Modelling db schema editor (requires additional plugins from
Subversion support (installed but didn't test this one)

There are still more plugins that look promising but I haven't tried yet--( for example.)

My EPIC templates config is in my scratchpad. Templates are like auto-complete, in the editor you type the first character(s) in the template name and press ctrl+space to insert the template if there's an exact match, if not you're prompted for which to use.

In my external programs, I've created entries for module-starter, module-info, and tpage. On windows, these run best if I give cmd.exe as the external command and the batch file as part of the command arguments.

What plugins or configuration tips do other monks using Eclipse 3.0+ for Perl programming have to offer?

Update: Per request, here is my 'EPIC templates' config in the post...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <templates><template name="for" description="C-style for loop" context +="perl" enabled="true">LABEL: for { my $$${var} = 0 ; $$${var} &lt; m +ax ; $$${var}++ ) {&#13; ${cursor}&#13; }</template><template name="foreach" description="perl-ish for loop" c +ontext="perl" enabled="true">for my $$${var} ( @${array} ) {&#13; ${cursor}&#13; }</template><template name="if" description="if statement" context="pe +rl" enabled="true">if ( ${cursor} ) {&#13; } &#13; </template><template name="if-elsif-else" description="if-elsif-else s +tatement" context="perl" enabled="true">if ( ${cursor} ) {&#13; } &#13; elsif ( ) { &#13; } &#13; else { &#13; }</template><template name="if-else" description="if-else statement" c +ontext="perl" enabled="true">if ( ${cursor} ) {&#13; } &#13; else { &#13; }</template><template name="eval-exception" description="eval exceptio +n-handling template" context="perl" enabled="true">eval { ${cursor} } +;&#13; if ($$@) {&#13; warn $$@;&#13; }</template><template name="sub" description="subroutine template" con +text="perl" enabled="true">sub ${cursor} {&#13; my ( ) = @_;&#13; &#13; }</template><template name="method" description="subroutine as method +template" context="perl" enabled="true">sub ${cursor} {&#13; my $$self = shift;&#13; my ( ) = @_;&#13; &#13; }</template><template name="sub" description="subroutine as method tem +plate" context="perl" enabled="true">sub ${cursor} {&#13; my $$self = shift;&#13; my ( ) = @_;&#13; &#13; }</template><template name="while" description="while each key value p +air" context="perl" enabled="true">while(($$key, $$value) = each(%${c +ursor})) {&#13; &#13; }&#13; </template><template name="while" description="while diamond" context= +"perl" enabled="true">while (&lt;&gt;) {&#13; ${cursor}&#13; }</template><template name="switch" description="switch construction f +rom perlsyn" context="perl" enabled="true">SWITCH: {&#13; (${cursor}) &amp;&amp; do { ; last SWITCH};&#13; // &amp;&amp; do { ; last SWITCH};&#13; }</template><template name="map" description="map" context="perl" enab +led="true">map { ${cursor} } </template><template name="grep" descrip +tion="grep" context="perl" enabled="true">grep { ${cursor} } </templa +te><template name="=head1" description="pod head1" context="perl" ena +bled="true">=head1 ${cursor}&#13; </template><template name="=head2" description="pod head2" context="pe +rl" enabled="true">=head2 ${cursor}&#13; </template><template name="=head3" description="pod head3" context="pe +rl" enabled="true">=head3 ${cursor}&#13; </template><template name="=head4" description="pod head4" context="pe +rl" enabled="true">=head4 ${cursor}&#13; </template><template name="=cut" description="pod cut" context="perl" +enabled="true">=cut&#13; &#13; ${cursor}&#13; </template><template name="=over" description="pod indent" context="pe +rl" enabled="true">=over 4&#13; &#13; =item ${cursor}&#13; &#13; =back&#13; </template><template name="=item" description="pod indent" context="pe +rl" enabled="true">=item ${cursor}</template></templates>


You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake; well, this could be it, sweetheart.

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