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Your skill will accomplish
what the force of many cannot

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On the upper-left corner of the Monastery, you see some random quotes.

I would like to share with you my (somehow vague) thoughts on some of them:

  • XP is just a number... but of course people only realize that the moment they become Saints! It's called "enlightenment".
  • Welcome to the Monastery - It's one of the best things about this community: people will receive you with open arms :-)

  • Perl Monk, Perl Meditation. - Yep. 'F you're a monk, gotta meditate! Listen carefully and learn. I think that's part of the philosophy behind the Monastery.

  • Think about Loose Coupling - My personal opinion is that this has to do with modularity, but I may be wrong, because only today I was told of the meaning of "Coupling" :-) And the first meaning I was told of apparently involves sex :-\ (but the link is safe, so don't bother opening it)

  • There's more than one way to do things. - And the fact is that by doing something in a couple of ways (e.g., japh's), you get some more experience. You should follow this advice: experiment it another way (and she might like it, too).

  • laziness, impatience, and hubris - Oh yes, I'm lazy, impatient, and... er... what's the word I'm looking for? :-) Anyway, I think it is true that these really are virtues of a programmer. Regarding laziness, an expression arises to mind: "If you have a boring/hard task to do, give it someone lazy; he will find an easier way to do it".

  • Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister - no comments :-)

  • Perl Sensitive Sunglasses - The truth is: I now see the world through Perl. Am I wearing those glasses? :-)

  • P is for Practical - Oh yes, baby! Practical! Oh yeah! :-D (we apologize for the interruption)

  • go ahead... be a heretic - I'll take it as this is somehow related to the London Perl Mongers (search for "Heretic People" here) :-)

  • Keep It Simple, Stupid - This reminds me of mjd's insults^W quotes O:-) the word "retardo" comes to mind, as well as the sentence "you are a stupid..." :-) I'm also reminded of when I was wondering why if ( scalar ($first .. $last) < $max ) {} didn't work, when a simple if ($last - $first < $max) {} would suffice (I hope I got the code right).

  • more useful options - What is this related to? Perl command line switches? More regex switches? :-)

  • good chemistry is complicated, and a little bit messy-LW ... you should see "bad" chemistry!

  • Just another Perl shrine... as if there were many :-) The ones I use the most are this one and use.Perl.

  • Syntactic Confectionary Delight - Yep, Perl really is a delight, true eye-candy :-) You can almost taste it :-)

  • Your skill will accomplish what the force of many cannot - Here's a great aphorism: "If brute force fails, then you haven't used enough"... I'm not so sure of what to think of this :-)

  • Perl: the Markov chain saw - I know about Perl being a chain saw (and we do are a fearsome army, with our chainsaws), but I really don't know what that has to do with Markov... jjohn's fault, perhaps?

I missed one :-) On purpose :-) I'll leave it to you to find out which and why :-)

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