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#!/usr/bin/perl $|++; sub v { (!($,-=(1-$|*2))or$,>42)and$|--;$_="@_"; s.\W..g?$..=$_.$ ":(print$" x$,.$..$/) &&& v } v"This~program~contains~more~than~one~message~~See~i~~__f~you~can~loca +te~all" ^"rNOUXPTIGRGK^CIHRGIHUXKITE^THGHXINEXKESUGGEXXuCEXOXXyyFX_OUXEAHXJIEA +RCXGJL"; v"~of~them~~The~message~you~are~reading~at~this~very~moment~is~already +~one~o" ^"^OFXRHCK^^rNEXKESUGGEX_OU^ARCXREGBIHA^ARXTNOS^PCRYXKOMEHR^IUXAJTEADY +XINEXI"; v"f~them~~So~VER_~_Y~good~~~That~is~one~message~you~have~__~___found~~ +I_f~yo" ^"F^TNCMXXsOXperyXyy^GOIB^^^tHGRXOUXOHCXMCUSGAE^_IU^NGVE^yyXyyyFISHB^^ +oyF^_I"; v"u~ru~n~the ~progr_am~ you~will~find~yet~another~message~~And~I~would +~bet~a" ^"U^RS4NXRHEUXPROGT,GM^T_OU^WIJJ^FOHDX_ERXGNIRHETXMEUUAGEXXaNBXiXQOULD +XDCR^A"; v"nyone~could~have~~_figured~that~out~~for~themselves~~But~what~is~the +~third" ^"H_OHC^EIULBXHGPE^XyFIASRED^TNGT^ISTXXFOTXTNCMSCJVEUX^bURXWHGR^OU^THE +XRHOTD"; v"~message~I~wonder~~Well~for~t_hat~y ou~will~h ave~t!o~inspec=t~!the~ +#progr" ^"^KCUSAGCXoXWONBCTX^wEJJ^FOR^R>HARXYNIU^QOLLXNOGVE^RUO^IHUPEEUTXDRNC^ +QVROAT"; v"am~a~different~way~which~I~will~leave~up~to~you~to~figure~out~~I~wil +l~give" ^"AM^A^DIFFERENT^WAY^WHICH^i^WILL^LEAVE^UP^TO^YOU^TO^FIGURE^OUT^^i^WIL +L^GIVE"; v"~you~one~clue~however~~Think~about~how~what~you~would~do~i~_~_f~you~ +wanted" ^"^_ISXINEXEJSC^NIQCPERXXtHINK^GDOURXHOQXQNAT^_ISXWOSJD^BI^OXyXyFX_ISX +WANTED"; v"~#to~unra=vel~a~pa_rt*icularly~tricky~ob~~fuscation~~Perhaps~one~far +~more~" ^"^sRO^SHRGXVEL^GXPA-TTFOCULARL_XTROEK_XOBXXFSUCAROOHX^vCRHGVS^ONCXFAT +XMORE^"; v"sophisticated~than~this~but~still~containing~a~bunch~of~complicated~ +Perl~t" ^"SIVHIURIEGRCD^RNGHXTHOU^BUT^SROJJXEOHRGOHONAXA^BUNENXIF^CIKVJICGREDX +vERL^T"; v"ricks~and~methods~of~deception!~well~bey_on=d~the~i magin+ation~o#~f +~all~b" ^"ROEMUXANBXMETHIBUXOF^BCCEPTIOHI^WCJLXDEY>IN^B^THE^OKKGGINNGTIONXIQXF +^ALL^B"; v"ut~the~most~master~ful~of~Perl~wi~~zards~~So~put~on~your~thinking~ca +p~as~I" ^"URXTHE^MIUT^MAURETXFUJXOF^pERJXWIXXZGTDSXXsIXPURXOHXYISR^RNINKIHA^EG +P^AS^i"; v"~am~confident~you~will~discover~the~third~message~~~GOOD~LUCK~~~live +rpole~" ^"^GK^CONFOBCHR^_IU^QOLJXBOUCOVCT^TNC^RNIRBXMEUUGAE^XXgoib^jsemX^XJIVC +TPOLE^"; v

Update:  changed $|^=1 to $|--, as per jdalbec's good suggestion below, and changed the first $| = 1 to $|++ for balance.

@ARGV=split//,"/:L"; map{print substr crypt($_,ord pop),2,3}qw"PerlyouC READPIPE provides"

In reply to Subliminal Japh by liverpole

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