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And making it a doubly linked list is only slightly harder. However making a doubly linked list which does not leak memory is far, far harder.

Here is an example off of my scratchpad that does this. After examining it (and trying it if you want to see abysmal performance) I think that the point will be adequately made that linked lists are possible in Perl, but you really want to use arrays instead.

#! /usr/bin/perl use strict; my $list = new LinkedList(qw(software cheese fruit wine pasta)); print "Listing list forward:\n"; do { print " Node: ", $list->data, "\n"; } while $list->move_next; print "\nListing list backward:\n"; do { print " Node: ", $list->data, "\n"; } while $list->move_prev; package LinkedList; use WeakRef; sub add_next { my $self = shift; $self->{current}->add_next(LinkedList::Node->new(shift)); return 1; } sub add_prev { my $self = shift; $self->{current}->add_prev(LinkedList::Node->new(shift)); return 1; } sub clone { my $self = shift; my $clone = bless { %$self }, ref($self); my $is_clone = $self->{is_clone}; $is_clone->{$clone} = $clone; weaken($is_clone->{$clone}); return $clone; } sub data { (shift)->{current}->data; } sub move_next { my $self = shift; my $next = $self->{current}->next(); $self->{current} = $next if defined($next); return defined($next); } sub move_prev { my $self = shift; my $prev = $self->{current}->prev(); $self->{current} = $prev if defined($prev); return defined($prev); } sub new { my $class = shift; my $self = bless {}, $class; my $data = shift; $self->{current} = LinkedList::Node->new($data); $self->{is_clone} = {$self=>{$self}}; weaken($self->{is_clone}->{$self}); my $clone = $self->clone; while (@_) { $clone->add_next(shift); $clone->move_next; } return $self; } sub next { my $clone = (shift)->clone; $clone->move_next ? $clone : undef; } sub prev { my $clone = (shift)->clone; $clone->move_prev ? $clone : undef; } sub DESTROY { my $self = shift; #warn("Destroying linked list $self\n"); delete $self->{is_clone}->{$self}; if (not keys %{$self->{is_clone}}) { # Clean up circular stuff my $node = $self->{current}; while (defined($node)) { $node = delete $node->{next}; } $node = $self->{current}; while (defined($node)) { $node = delete $node->{prev}; } } #warn("Linked list $self destroyed\n"); } package LinkedList::Node; sub add_next { my ($self, $next) = @_; my $old_next = $self->{next}; $self->{next} = $next; $next->{prev} = $self; $next->{next} = $old_next; $old_next->{prev} = $next if defined($old_next); } sub add_prev { my ($self, $prev) = @_; my $old_prev = $self->{prev}; $self->{prev} = $prev; $prev->{next} = $self; $prev->{prev} = $old_prev; $old_prev->{next} = $prev if defined($old_prev); } sub data { (shift)->{data}; } sub new { my ($class, $data) = @_; return bless { data => $data}, $class; } sub next { (shift)->{next}; } sub prev { (shift)->{prev}; } sub DESTROY { my $self = shift; #warn("Node: $self->{data} destroyed"); }

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