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Did someone say "trap"? Test::Trap to the rescue! :)

The error message you want is printed on STDOUT on my machine. I was expecting STDERR. Other errors may come from the Perl code, so we want the $@ as well. My very own Test::Trap can give you all! :)

The example below, based on your code, makes use of the :output(systemsafe) pseudo layer, new in version 0.1.0. Older versions of Test::Trap may use :flow:stderr(systemsafe):stdout(systemsafe) to much the same effect.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use Test::Trap qw/ :output(systemsafe) /; use MIME::Lite; # send mail attachments use Sys::Hostname; # Used to insert hostname in emails use Cwd; # Get current full dir for error msgs use strict; # Enforce declarations my ( $hostname, # name of this box for sending $prog_full_name, # prog path + name $contact_email, # contact email address $msg, # msg object $sender, # sender of email $subject, # subject line in email $body_text # actual email msg text ); # Get hostname anyway we can using Sys::Hostname; # tries syscall(SYS_gethostname), `hostname`, `uname -n` $hostname = Sys::Hostname::hostname(); # Get program full path name $prog_full_name = cwd()."/${0}"; # Set the fields required by Mailer... $contact_email = ''; $sender = "$prog_full_name"; $subject = "$prog_full_name: Asset Mgr Report"; $body_text = "This is an automated message:\n\n"; # ... and send it # Header $msg = MIME::Lite->new( From => $sender, To => $contact_email, Subject => $subject, Type =>'multipart/mixed' ); # Body Content $msg->attach( Type => 'TEXT', Data => $body_text ); # Attachment $msg->attach( Type => 'text/plain', Path => "/home/chrism/t.cvs", Filename => "t.csv", Disposition => 'attachment' ); # Send trap { $msg->send or print "Error: $@\n" }; $_ and print "Error: $_\n" for $trap->die, $trap->stdout, $trap->s +tderr;

print "Just another Perl ${\(trickster and hacker)},"
The Sidhekin proves Sidhe did it!

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